Why Crimson Trace?

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If you're holding it, you're aiming it.™

Instinctive Activation™ is the hallmark of the Crimson Trace brand and the primary differentiating factor between Crimson Trace laser sights and the rest of the industry. Our products, including Lasergrips®, Laserguard®, and Lightguard™, offer the unique advantage of Instinctive Activation.

Instinctive Activation means that when you hold your gun in a normal firing grip, the laser is on. When you holster or disengage your grip, the laser turns off. No button switching, no thinking, no battery drain, and no valuable time lost.

When your gun is deployed and the muzzle is pointed downrange, you can be sure that your Crimson Trace laser is activated, and your eyes are on the target.

  • Lightguard tactical lights feature Instinctive Activation and are compatible with rear-activation Lasergrips
  • Lightguard models provide a powerful 100-130 Lumen LED white light
  • Lightguard tactical lights allow you to operate both your tactical light and laser sight with one hand

Instinctive Activation will help you become a more accurate shooter, place you on target faster, and allow you to reach for your personal defense firearm with much more confidence. When you choose a Crimson Trace product, you’re choosing a distinct tactical advantage you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s why we say, “When You’re Holding It, You’re Aiming It.”

Immediate. Decisive. Advantage.™

In general, handguns are compact firearms that can be difficult to aim effectively. Crimson Trace lasers offer the advantage of consistent and accurate output. This translates into increased confidence and pistol shooting accuracy -- even in tense and threatening scenarios, when hours and hours of vigilant training can disappear in a haze of panic and confusion.

It's no secret that shooters of all skill levels own laser sights - but what's less understood is that everyone can become a better shot with the advanced technology and top-tier engineering of our always expanding line of laser sighting products for pistols and rail-equipped rifles.

Personal Defense

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Personal Defense

Help bad guys make informed decisions

Everyday guys stop dangerous crimes all of the time. Thanks in no small part to the advent of laser aiming devices such as Crimson Trace Lasergrips, the top-selling and best-known brand.

Focus your attention and your laser on the target, and know that your round will follow the laser beam precisely.

It's important to know what's working against you in such a conflict® besides the bad guy. First off, there are numerous physical and psychological changes. Your heart pounds as adrenalin surges. You experience target fixation. Your near vision deteriorates. Your field of view narrows. You don't hear everything. Time slows down. The best way to compensate for these changes is to rely on Lasergrips.

6 reasons you need a laser for concealed carry

  1. Low-light sighting
    Most armed self-defense situations happen in low light environments.
  2. Improved accuracy
    Short-barrel snubbies and semi-autos are tough to aim beyond a few yards.
  3. Quick targeting
    In a life or death situation, you're going to be looking at the threat, not at your front sight.
  4. Motion and cover
    Crimson trace laser sights enhance speed and accuracy when moving and when aiming at moving targets.
  5. Holster & tactical light compatibility
    Crimson trace enjoys broad compatibility with the most popular holsters and tactical lights.
  6. Big bad selection
    Crimson trace lasergrips® and laserguard® fit the most common concealed carry guns from top firearms manufacturers.

Lasers For Training

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For the gunfight we hope you never have

True marksmanship is a perishable skill. The only way to become proficient is to shoot – and shoot a lot. Crimson Trace laser sights can augment that training. Save your ammo. Build your confidence.

If you carry a laser sight, it’s best to cross-train with your sights as well as your laser. It is worth noting, however, that a lack of training time can be offset by the performance characteristics of Lasergrips®.

6 ways laser sights enhance your training

  1. Faster training results
    Laser sights offer unique advantages for instructors and students alike, making the training process faster and more productive, as the laser beam provides better clarity.
  2. Enhanced trigger control
    From the point-of-view of the instructor, lasers are great for diagnosing and correcting trigger control issues. The visible red dot clearly shows students and trainers the consequences of each and every improper movement – as well as the immediate positive reinforcement of self-correction.
  3. Simplifying sight alignment
    An often underrated benefit of training with a laser sight is proficiency in the concept of “sight picture’. Crimson trace laser sights show precisely where the muzzle is aimed – and exactly the path that the bullet will travel.
  4. Developing confidence
    Crimson trace laser sights provide an instant “pat on the back” by rewarding your training, immediately, developing the confidence needed for proficiency with your weapon.
  5. Mastering the machine
    Guns are machines. Laser sights assist people in becoming more proficient with the “machine” by relating closely to the way the human body functions – by instinct, through muscle memory.
  6. Dry firing for perfection
    Completing the trigger pull sans the ammo, with the action “dry”. Noting all firearm safety rules while training, shooters can learn sophisticated tactics such as lasering from awkward positions.dry firing helps to develop the much needed trigger feel for accurate shot placement and overall skill with your gun.


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