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  1. Browning Ejector Retainer Stop Pin Browning Acera, BAR, BAR 2, BAR Light Rifle, BAR Short, Long Trac, BPR
  2. Browning Stock Retention Screw Acera
  3. Browning Bolt Browning Acera Standard
  4. Browning Ejector Spring Browning Acera
  5. Browning Disconnector Pin Browning Acera, BAR 2, BAR Light Rifle, BAR Short, Long Trac, BPR Rifle
  6. Browning Ejector Browning Acera
  7. Browning Timing Latch  Acera
  8. Browning Ejector Slot Cover Plate Browning Acera
  9. Browning Hammer Spring Guide Rod Bearing Browning Acera
  10. Browning Breech Block Stop Screw Browning Acera
  11. Browning Rifle Stock Standard Acera
  12. Browning Operating Handle Acera
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  13. Browning Operating Handle Stop Lever Spring Acera
  14. Browning Magazine Case Retaining Bolt Browning Acera
  15. Browning Locking Pin Browning Acera, BPR Rifle
  16. Browning Receiver Plug Screw Blue Acera
  17. Browning Magazine Latch Pin Acera
  18. Browning Latch Control Lever Browning Acera
  19. Browning Extractor Spring Browning Acera
  20. Browning Sling Swivel Acera
  21. Browning Bolt Sleeve Browning Acera
  22. Browning Operating Handle Stop Lever Acera
  23. Browning Release Lever and Release Lever Rod Acera
  24. Browning Bolt Browning Acera Magnum
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