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  1. Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope 5-25x 52mm Side Focus Ballistic Turret Matte
  2. Leupold VX-3 Long Range Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4.5-14x 40mm Custom Dial System (CDS) Side Focus Duplex Reticle Matte
  3. Burris Scout Rifle Scope 2.75x 20mm Heavy Plex Reticle Matte
    4.6 (22 Reviews)
    $249.00 FREE SHIPPING
  4. Weaver Classic Rimfire RV9 Rifle Scope 3-9x 32mm Adjustable Objective Dual-X Reticle Matte
    4.8 (8 Reviews)
    $255.99 FREE SHIPPING
  5. Vortex Razor HD Gen II Rifle Scope 34mm Tube 3-18x 50mm Side Focus (25 MOA/Rev) First Focal Illuminated EBR-2C Reticle Stealth Shadow Black
    $2,399.99 FREE SHIPPING
    Out of Stock, Backorder OK
  6. Nightforce NXS Compact Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 2.5-10x 32mm Hi-Speed Zero Stop 1/10 Mil Adjustments Illuminated Reticle Matte
    $1,570.00 FREE SHIPPING
    Sale $1,692.00 - $1,692.00 Save up to $122.00 (7%)
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  7. Pride Fowler Rapid Reticle Evolution Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 3-12x 42mm First Focal Illuminated Ballistic (5.56/7.62x51) Reticle Matte
    $349.99 FREE SHIPPING
  8. Swarovski Z3 Rifle Scope 3-10x 42mm Matte
  9. Redfield Revolution Rifle Scope 4-12x 40mm Matte
    5.0 (5 Reviews)
  10. Leupold VX-1 Rifle Scope 2-7x 33mm
    5.0 (7 Reviews)
  11. Nightforce NXS Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 8-32x 56mm Hi-Speed Side Focus Illuminated Reticle Matte
  12. Weaver Classic K-Series Scout Rifle Scope 4x 28mm Dual-X Reticle Matte
    4.7 (9 Reviews)
    $199.99 FREE SHIPPING
    Out of Stock, Backorder OK
  13. Leupold VX-2 Rifle Scope 6-18x 40mm Adjustable Objective Matte
  14. Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope 3-9x 40mm 1/10 Mil Adjustments Mil-Dot Reticle Matte with 2-Piece Tactical Mount
    $349.99 FREE SHIPPING
  15. Leupold VX-2 Rifle Scope 2-7x 33mm
    5.0 (1 Review)
  16. Mueller APV Rifle Scope 4.5-14x 40mm Adjustable Objective APV Reticle
  17. Leupold Mark 4 Precision Rifle Long Range Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4.5-14x 40mm Side Focus Matte
  18. Leupold Mark 4 Extended Range Tactical M5 Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 8.5-25x 50mm Side Focus 1/10 Mil Adjustments First Focal Matte
  19. Trijicon ACOG TA01-ECOS-RMR Rifle Scope 4x 32mm Tritium Illuminated Amber Crosshair 223 Remington Reticle with 3.25 MOA RMR Red Dot Sight, Iron Sight and ARMS Throw Lever Flattop Mount Dark Earth
    5.0 (1 Review)
    $1,802.85 FREE SHIPPING
    Out of Stock, Backorder OK
  20. Leupold VX-R Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4-12x 40mm Illuminated Ballistic FireDot Reticle Matte
    $599.99 FREE SHIPPING
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