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  1. Zink Power Hen Crystal Turkey Call Thunder Ridge Series
  2. Primos Grand Slam Heart Breaker Osceola Glass Turkey Call
    Coming Soon
  3. Zink Power Hen Slate Turkey Call
  4. Zink Power Hen Cherry Aluminum Turkey Call
  5. Primos Bamboozled Glass Turkey Call
    Coming Soon
  6. MAD Super Aluminator Turkey Pot Call
  7. Down N Dirty War Hammer Flared Diamond Wood Turkey Call Striker
  8. H.S. Strut Triple Glass Turkey Call
    Coming Soon
  9. H.S. Strut Raspy Old Hen Combo Turkey Call Set
  10. Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs Rim Shot 3 in 1 Pot Turkey Call
  11. Primos Purple Haze Glass Turkey Call
    Coming Soon
  12. Knight & Hale Strangle Hold Crystal Turkey Call
  13. MAD Super Crystal Pot Turkey Call
  14. Quaker Boy Triple Threat Slate/Aluminum/Plexi Turkey Call
  15. Zink Thunder Ridge Slate Turkey Call
  16. MAD Super Resinator Turkey Call
  17. Zink Thunder Ridge Aluminum Turkey Call
  18. H.S. Strut Drummin' Thunder Combo Turkey Call Set
  19. Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs Glass Turkey Call
  20. MAD Heavy Metal Aluminator Aluminum Turkey Call
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