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  1. Gun Video "Shoot to Live: Gunfight Survival with Massad Ayoob" DVD
    1.5 (2 Reviews)
  2. Panteao "Make Ready with Paul Howe: Tac Rifle Operator" DVD
  3. Gun Video "IPSC Secrets: The Winning Edge" DVD
    4.5 (4 Reviews)
  4. Gun Video "NRA Bullseye Competition Basics" DVD
    3.3 (3 Reviews)
  5. "The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry" Book by Massad Ayoob
    5.0 (1 Review)
  6. "98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your A** Alive!"  Book By Cody Ludin
    4.0 (1 Review)
  7. Panteao "Make Ready with Bill Jeans: Shotgun Operator" DVD
  8. "More How-To's for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooter" Book By Paul A. Matthews
  9. CED Video "3GM: Shooting Techniques of the Grand Masters" DVD
    5.0 (1 Review)
  10. "Stopping Power: A Practical Analysis of the Latest Handgun Ammunition" Book by Evan Marshall and Edwin Sanow
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
  11. "Perfect Practice" Book by Saul Kirsch
    4.0 (2 Reviews)
  12. VTAC Rifle Drills 2 DVD
  13. "The Combative Perspective: The Thinking Man's Guide to Self-Defense" Book by Gabriel Suarez
  14. Gun Video "Combat Ready: Self-Defense Shooting Practice Drills with Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn" DVD
    4.5 (2 Reviews)
  15. "Point Shooting: Battle-Proven Methods of Combat Handgunning" DVD with Col. Rex Applegate
  16. "Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back: The Complete Textbook of Point Shooting for Close Quarters Combat" Book by Col. Rex Applegate
  17. "The Invisible Advantage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Ghillie Suits and Custom Camouflage Accessories" DVD with Tom Forbes
    4.0 (1 Review)
  18. Gun Video "The Exciting Sport of Cowboy Action Shooting" DVD
    Clearance 2 at this price Save $10.37 (51%)
  19. VTAC Rifle Malfunction DVD
    5.0 (1 Review)
  20. Gun Video "Practical Concealed Carry with Bill Wilson & Ken Hackathorn" DVD
    5.0 (3 Reviews)
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