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  1. Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting 2nd Edition Book by Bryan Litz
    4.6 (12 Reviews)
  2. "Ultimate Sniper: An Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers, Updated and Expanded Edition" Book by John Plaster
    4.9 (13 Reviews)
    $49.99 & SHIPS FREE
  3. "Green Eyes and Black Rifles - Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine" Book By Kyle E. Lamb
    $34.99 & SHIPS FREE
  4. "Surgical Speed Shooting: How to Achieve High-Speed Marksmanship in a Gunfight" Book by Andy Stanford
    4.7 (3 Reviews)
  5. "Dead On: The Long Range Marksman's Guide to Extreme Accuracy" Book by Tony Noblitt and Warren Gabrilska
    3.0 (2 Reviews)
  6. "The Complete .50-Caliber Sniper Course: Hard-Target Interdiction" Book by Dean Michaelis
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
    $49.99 & SHIPS FREE
  7. "Stay in the Fight! - Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol" Book By Kyle E. Lamb
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
    $40.95 & SHIPS FREE
  8. "The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery, 6th Edition" Book by Massad Ayoob
    4.8 (6 Reviews)
    Clearance1 at this price Save $3.34 (20%)
  9. "98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your A** Alive!"  Book By Cody Ludin
    4.0 (1 Review)
  10. "The Tactical Shotgun" Book by Gabriel Suarez
  11. "The Invisible Advantage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Ghillie Suits and Custom Camouflage Accessories" DVD with Tom Forbes
    4.0 (1 Review)
  12. "Perfect Practice" Book by Saul Kirsch
    4.0 (2 Reviews)
    $32.99 & SHIPS FREE
  13. "The Tactical Pistol: Advanced Gunfighting Concepts and Techniques" Book by Gabriel Suarez
  14. "Tactical Pistol Marksmanship: How to Improve Your Combat Shooting Skills" Book by Gabriel Suarez
  15. "Advanced Tactical Marksmanship: More High-Performance Techniques for Police, Military and Practical Shooters" Book by Dave Lauck
    3.0 (1 Review)
    $24.99 & SHIPS FREE
  16. "Stalk and Kill: The Thrill and Danger of the Sniper Experience" Book by Adrian Gilbert
    2.0 (1 Review)
  17. "The Tactical Advantage: A Definitive Study of Personal Small-Arms Tactics" Book by Gabriel Suarez
    5.0 (1 Review)
  18. "Thinking Practical Shooting" Book by Saul Kirsch
    4.0 (1 Review)
    Clearance1 at this price
    $30.20 & SHIPS FREE
    Save $6.79 (18%)
  19. "T.A.P.S. : Tactical Application of Practical Shooting, Second Edition" by Patrick Mcnamara
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