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  1. "Armed and Female: Taking Control" Book by Paxton Quigley
  2. "Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study" Book by Evan Marshall and Edwin Sanow
    5.0 (1 Review)
  3. "Fight at Night: Tools, Techniques, Tactics and Training for Combat in Low Light and Darkness" Book by Andy Stanford
  4. "Leadership And Training For The Fight" by MSG Paul R. Howe
  5. "Thank God I Had a Gun; True Accounts of Self-Defense" Book by Chris Bird
    4.0 (2 Reviews)
  6. "Concealed Carry: The Shooter's Guide to Selecting Handguns" Book by Wiley Clapp
    3.0 (1 Review)
  7. "The Tactical Advantage: A Definitive Study of Personal Small-Arms Tactics" Book by Gabriel Suarez
    5.0 (1 Review)
  8. "Self-Defense Requires No Apology" Book by Jan Jones
  9. David Kenik Video "Armed Response: Tactics & Techniques for Defensive Shooting" DVD
  10. "Tactical Defensive Training for Real-Life Encounters: Practical Self-Preservation for Law Enforcement" Book by Ralph Mroz
  11. "The Complete Book of Combat Handgunning" Book by Chuck Taylor
    2.0 (1 Review)
  12. "Hidden in Plain Sight: A Practical Guide to Concealed Handgun Carry, Revised 2nd Edition" Book by Trey Bloodworth and Mike Raley
  13. "NRA Guide To Personal Protection in the Home" Book
  14. "Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States" by Mitch Vilos & Evan Vilos
  15. "Handgun in Personal Defense" Book by R.K. Campbell
  16. David Kenik Video "Armed Response: Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting" DVD
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