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  1. "Shooters Bible Guide to Rifle Ballistics" Book by Wayne Van Zwoll
  2. Gun Guides Takedown Guide "SKS Semi-Automatic Rifle" Book
    3.8 (5 Reviews)
  3. "British Enfield Rifles, Volume 1 2nd Edition: SMLE (Number 1) Rifles MK I and MK III" Book by Charles R. Stratton
    5.0 (1 Review)
  4. "SKS Do Everything Manual: Assembly, Diassembly, Lubrication, Ammunition, Maintenance and Storage" Book by Jem Enterprise
  5. "The M1 Garand: World War II" Book by Scott A. Duff
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
    $29.99 & SHIPS FREE
  6. "Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines and Shotguns" Book by Roy Marcot
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
  7. "Green Eyes and Black Rifles - Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine" Book By Kyle E. Lamb
    $34.99 & SHIPS FREE
  8. "An Illustrated Guide to the '03 Springfield Service Rifle" Book by Bruce N. Canfield
    3.5 (2 Reviews)
    Clearance2 at this price
    $43.03 & SHIPS FREE
    Save $9.96 (19%)
  9. "The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15" Book by Patrick Sweeney
    4.0 (6 Reviews)
  10. "The Complete AR-15/M16 Sourcebook: What Every Shooter Needs to Know, Revised and Updated Edition" Book by Duncan Long
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
    $33.99 & SHIPS FREE
  11. "The American Krag Rifle and Carbine 2nd Edition" Book by Joe Poyer
  12. "The Riflemans Rifle"  Book by Roger Rule
    5.0 (1 Review)
    $94.99 & SHIPS FREE
  13. Gun Guides Takedown Guide "Mauser Rifles 98k, M48 & All Variants" Book
    3.7 (3 Reviews)
  14. "The SKS Carbine (CKC45g), 4th Edition" Book by Steve Kehaya and Joe Poyer
  15. "British Enfield Rifles, Volume 4: The Pattern 1914 and U.S. Model of 1917 Rifles" Book by Charles Stratton
    5.0 (2 Reviews)
  16. "The Complete M1 Garand: A Guide for the Shooter and Collector" Book by Jim Thompson
    4.0 (1 Review)
  17. "The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15, Volume 4" Book by Patrick Sweeney
  18. "The Model 1903 Springfield Rifle and its Variations, 3rd Edition" Book by Joe Poyer
  19. "The .45-70 Springfield, 5th Edition" Book by Joe Poyer and Craig Riesch
    4.5 (4 Reviews)
  20. "The M1 Garand: Serial Numbers & Data Sheets" Book by Scott A. Duff
    4.4 (5 Reviews)
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