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  1. Primos Hoochie Mama Elk Call
  2. Primos Elk Hunter's Master Pak Elk Call
  3. Hunter's Specialties Mac Daddy with Mini Grunt Elk Call
  4. Primos Mastering the Art - Elk Call Pack
  5. Primos Baby Hoochie Mama Elk Call
  6. Primos Hyper Lip Single with Tone Converter Elk Call
  7. Primos Blue Snap On Bugle Reed fits Terminator, Pack Bugle and Bull Horn Elk Calls Pack of 2
  8. Wayne Carlton's Qwik Bugle Elk Call
  9. Hunter's Specialties Fight'n Cow Elk Call
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  10. Knight & Hale Wapiti Whistler Bugle Elk Call
  11. Wayne Carlton's Qwik Bugle Mac Daddy Combo
  12. Primos Elk 3-Pak Elk Call Kit
  13. Flextone Little Jewel Cow Elk Call
  14. Primos Imperial Plate Double Reed Diaphragm Elk Call
  15. Primos Hyper Lip Double with Tone Converter Elk Call
  16. Wayne Carlton's Long Ranger Elk Call
  17. Primos Mini Sonic Dome Double Elk Diaphragm Call
  18. Hunter's Specialties Bull Hooker Elk Call
  19. Primos Sonic Dome Double Elk Diaphragm Call
  20. Primos Sonic Dome Triple Elk Diaphragm Call
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