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  1. Dem-Bart Checkering Cutter Left Hand Spacer 16 Lines per Inch
  2. Dem-Bart Checkering Cutter Skip-Line Right 10 Lines per Inch
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  3. Vintage Gun Forend Colt Lightning 2-Piece Forend Polymer Black
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  4. Dem-Bart Checkering Cutter B-2 Narrow Convex Border Cutter
  5. Galazan Water-Soluble Wood Stock Stain Liquid 3 oz Liquid
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  6. Forster Stockmaker's Hand Screws Sako, Howa, S&W 1500, Weatherby Vanguard Package of 2
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  7. Score-High Pro-Bed 2000 Glass Bedding Kit Brown
  8. Dem-Bart Veiner Tool 60-Degree
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  9. NECG Mannlicher-Style Forend Cap Blue
  10. Whidden Gunworks Stock Bedding Block Remington XR100, XP100 Target Action Short Action Right Hand Single Shot Aluminum
  11. Dem-Bart Checkering Cutter 2-Edge Spacer 24 Lines per Inch
  12. Dem-Bart Checkering Cutter Skip-Line Left 11 Lines per Inch
  13. 100 Straight Lead Tape 1/2" x 100"
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  14. Galazan Best Oil Stock Finish for Hand Rubbed Oil Finish 2 oz Liquid
  15. Whidden Gunworks Remington 700 Stock Bedding Block Short Action Single Shot Aluminum
  16. Two Cherries Carving and Inletting Chisel Straight Shallow Gouge
  17. Two Cherries Carving and Inletting Chisel Straight Gouge
  18. Renaissance Wax Rust Preventative and Gun Stock Polish
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  19. Dem-Bart S-1 Checkering Handle, Shank and Cutter Complete
  20. Devcon Plastic Steel Bedding Compound
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