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  1. Flambeau Storm Front Full Body Standard Pack Canada Goose Decoys Pack of 6
  2. Hard Core Pre-Rigged Duck Floater Decoy Pack of 6
  3. MOJO Mallard Drake Motion Duck Decoy with Multi-Cycle Remote Control
  4. Lucky Duck Quiver Butt Motion Duck Decoy
  5. GHG Texas Rig 5" Floating Carabiner
  6. FoxPro FoxJack Predator Decoy for Wildfire Call
  7. MOJO Floater Motion Duck Decoy Polymer
  8. Avian X LCD Rio Grande Hen Lookout and Jake Turkey Decoy Combo
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    Sale List Price: $170.00
  9. Avian-X Back Water Mallards Weighted Keel Duck Decoy Pack of 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)
  10. Avery Square Bottom Duck Decoy Bag Mesh Moss Green
  11. Flambeau Masters Series Weighted Keel Gadwall Duck Decoys Pack of 6
  12. Lucky Duck Fourpack-O-Feeders Dove Decoy Polymer
  13. Cherokee Sports Wobble-Head Hen Turkey Decoy
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  14. H.S. Strut Penny Snood Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy
    Sale Save $15.00 (25%)
  15. MOJO Mallard Drake Motion Duck Decoy Polymer
  16. Flambeau Decoy Strap Weights 4 Oz Lead Pack of 6
  17. Flambeau Braided Decoy Cord 200' Nylon Black
  18. Lucky Duck Goose Magnet Motion Decoy
  19. MOJO Magnetic Wing Replacement Set MOJO Mallard
  20. Drake Breeze-Ryder Twist-Lock Decoy Keel Pack of 6
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