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  1. Higdon ICE Blaster 120 Volt 1/2 HP With 100' Cord and Small Frame
  2. Avian-X Top Flight Full Body Mallard Duck Decoy Pack of 6 with Slotted Decoy Bag
  3. Avery Silhouette Satchel 48 Duck Decoy Bag Duramax KW-1 Camo
  4. Hard Core Ol' Jack Deer Decoy
  5. Higdon Swimmer Mallard Hen Motion Duck Decoy
  6. Higdon Swimmer 12 Volt Canada Goose Motion Goose Decoy
  7. Flambeau Storm Front Weighted Keel Canada Goose Decoys Pack of 4
  8. H.S Strut Suzie Snood Hen Turkey Decoy
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  9. Higdon Floating Flasher 2 Mallard Drake Motion Duck Decoy
  10. MOJO Flyway Feeder Motion Duck Decoy Polymer
  11. Lucky Duck Triple Play Flocked Motion Decoy
  12. Higdon Finisher Flapper Full Body Motion Canada Goose Decoy
  13. Lucky Duck Super Pro Lucky Drake Flocked Motion Decoy Combo
  14. MOJO Thrasher Motorized Decoy Motion Stake Steel
  15. Banded Spinning Wing Tri-Pod Decoy Stand Aluminum
  16. MOJO 6-Volt Battery Car Charger
  17. Avery Square Bottom Duck Decoy Bag Mesh Moss Green
  18. Hard Core Feeder White Front Specklebelly Goose Full Body Decoy Pack of 6
  19. Montana Decoy Miss Hoptober Predator Decoy Cotton, Polyester and Steel
  20. MOJO Gadwall Motion Duck Decoy Polymer