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We treat our Vendors as partners.

MidwayUSA strives to offer the most comprehensive, most up to date offering in the Outdoor Sports Industry. We constantly add products and update our offerings from current vendors and prospective new vendors.

MidwayUSA reviews, evaluates and selects thousands of products for addition to its product line each year. This process can be very time consuming and there is not a set length of time it takes for an item to be selected, evaluated and added or rejected.

Following is some information to help you understand how to submit products for evaluation by MidwayUSA:

MidwayUSA Sample Product Policy:

*NOTE: MidwayUSA prefers not to receive physical product samples unless specifically requested. Instead, we request that you provide digital images, video, and detailed product information and specifications. This information should be sent to the New Products Committee at:

If requested, all sample products must be submitted via mail or UPS directly to the company headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. You will be notified upon the receipt of your product. MidwayUSA will not accept product samples at trade shows, shooting competitions, gun shows, or any other venue requiring samples to be transported by MidwayUSA.

Any sample product sent to MidwayUSA is done so for the evaluation of that product, therefore the product may be used and/or tested in any manner chosen by MidwayUSA. In some cases it will be necessary to damage or destroy a sample product’s packaging. MidwayUSA is not responsible for damage to product packaging. Sample product testing may result in damage to the sample product. MidwayUSA is not responsible for any damages to sample products submitted for evaluation. All sample products submitted to MidwayUSA become the property of MidwayUSA and will not be returned. MidwayUSA does not purchase product samples.

How to Submit Your Products for Evaluation:

The following information must accompany the new product submission:

  1. Photo CD/Electronic submission of product photos
  2. Vendor Product Number
  3. GTIN Compliant UPC Code
  4. Product Dimensions and Weight
  5. Product Order Minimums/Case Quantities
  6. Cost and Available Discounts
  7. Program
  8. Restrictions for Sale/Hazmat Information
  9. MSDS
  10. Suggested catalog text – this may be modified by MidwayUSA
  11. Additional Non-Standard information
  12. Any available informational video
  13. All technical information
  14. Information pertaining to any related accessories
  15. Additional information may be requested based on submission
  16. Read the MidwayUSA Sample Product Policy above.

Product Information should be submitted to the following e-mail address:

MidwayUSA is EXTREMELY INTERESTED in your product. We continuously evaluate and expand our product offering.

Standard Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time Observed

Observed Holidays: New Years Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Contacting MidwayUSA:

MidwayUSA can be contacted via fax, email or mail utilizing the information found on this page. Other forms of communication, such as written notes on packing slips or invoices, may not reach the appropriate destination.

Fax: 1-800-992-8312

Corporate Mailing/Shipping Address for new products:

MidwayUSA New Product Committee
5875 West Van Horn Tavern Road
Columbia, MO 65203

Thanks for your interest in becoming a MidwayUSA Vendor!