Remington 700 Schematic

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Remington 700 Barrel Barrel Bolt Bolt Bolt Stop Bolt Stop Pin Bolt Stop Release Bolt Stop Spring Center Guard Screw Ejector Ejector Extractor Extractor Firing Pin Firing Pin Floorplate Latch Floorplate Latch Pin Floorplate Latch Spring Front Guard Screw Bushing Front Guard Screw Bushing Magazine Magazine Magazine Follower Magazine Follower Rear Guard Screw Rear Guard Screw Safety Assembly Safety Assembly Stock Stock Trigger Guard Trigger Guard Trigger Spring Trigger Spring Buttplate Buttplate Buttplate Spacer Buttplate Spacer Ejector Pin Ejector Pin Ejector Spring Ejector Spring  Front Sight Front Sight Front Sight Hood Front Sight Hood Safety Detent Spring Safety Detent Spring Safety Pivot Pin Safety Pivot Pin Safety Snap Washer Safety Snap Washer Front Swivel Nut Front Swivel Nut Magazine Spring Magazine Spring Mainspring Mainspring Mainspring Rear Swivel Screw Rear Swivel Screw
  1. Barrel
  2. Bolt
  3. Bolt Plug
  4. Bolt Stop
  5. Bolt Stop Pin
  6. Bolt Stop Release
  7. Bolt Stop Spring
  8. Buttplate
  9. Buttplate Spacer
  10. Center Guard Screw
  11. Ejector
  12. Ejector Pin
  13. Ejector Spring
  14. Extractor
  15. Firing Pin
  16. Floorplate Latch
  17. Floorplate Latch Pin
  18. Floorplate Latch Spring
  19. Floorplate Pivot Pin
  20. Front Guard Screw Bushing
  21. Front Sight
  22. Front Sight Hood
  23. Front Sight Ramp>
  24. Front Swivel Nut
  25. Front Swivel Screw
  26. Magazine
  27. Magazine Follower
  28. Magazine Spring
  29. Mainspring
  30. Rear Guard Screw
  31. Rear Sight Aperture
  32. Rear Sight Slide
  33. Rear Swivel Screw
  34. Receiver Plug Screw
  35. Safety Assembly
  36. Safety Detent Ball
  37. Safety Detent Spring
  38. Safety Pivot Pin
  39. Safety Snap Washer
  40. Sear Pin
  41. Stock
  42. Trigger Guard
  43. Trigger Spring

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