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Andro Corp Industries Shop

The dream started in our garage. We knew we could bring a different asset to the firearms market, and from that vision, ACI was born. The focus began with the assembly of quality upper receivers. ACI grew recognition throughout the Florida gun show circuit and built a brand centered around the best customer service and quality components at the best value. ACI opened its first location in Ocoee, Florida. A few years later moving to Winter Garden, Florida where we remain. We have been blessed with the local community supporting us through the years and we are forever grateful. We owe so much gratitude for the spread of the Andro brand to our local friends and family. Looking forward, Andro hopes to bring the same passion for the 2A community to you and your family. We hope it opens doors for you to explore this great community and meet new friends that share the same passion. Thank you for trusting our product and service; we appreciate this opportunity to live our American Dream!