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AR-STONER™ has developed a reputation as a high quality, high value, manufacturer of AR-15 gun parts. Utilizing many of the original designs inspired by the architect of the AR15/M16, Eugene M. Stoner, AR-STONER™ continues to evolve with the needs of today’s competition and recreational shooters. MidwayUSA carries all popular AR-STONER™ products, such as complete uppers, parts kits, stocks, grips, handguards, magazines, and scope bases. We also carry AR-STONER™ shooting accessories like slings, gun cases, gunsmithing tools, and trucker hats. AR-STONER™ uses CNC machinery, controlled production techniques and mil-spec finishes, resulting in extremely high quality and unmatched reliability. Every part, from the smallest pin to a complete upper receiver assembly, is inspected for quality at each step of the production process. This attention to detail ensures that every AR-STONER™ Customer can carry their product with the same confidence and pride that was put into it at the factory.