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Avian-X Decoys is a leading waterfowl and turkey decoy company, specializing in high-quality, lifelike decoys. Since its establishment, Avian-X has revolutionized the market with its innovative products and commitment to excellence. Avian-X offers a diverse range of duck decoys, goose decoys, turkey decoys, dove decoys, waterfowl blinds, turkey chokes and accessories to cater to the specific needs of hunters. From standards like mallard and wood duck decoys to specialty teal and black duck decoys, Avian-X is known for its high-quality carvings and finishes. Their Avian-X A-Frame and G-Blind are known for their unique frames and realistic coverage. Avian-X Decoys has consistently pushed the boundaries of realism and quality, and their dedication has made them a trusted choice in the hunting industry.