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Established in 2008, B5 Systems is a family business specializing in manufacturing and supplying spare parts to the US Department of Defense. B5 has grown to become an innovator and leader in small arms parts and accessories development. B5 has exclusively provided the SOPMOD buttstock to US Special Operations since 2011. In 2022 they were awarded a National Stock Number (NSN) for their Collapsible Precision Stock for use on the M110 sniper rifle, and in 2023 they were awarded a NSN for their Bravo stock, making it the new standard buttstock for the M4/M4a1 rifle. B5 supplies dozens of OEMS, including Colt, Daniel Defense, Ruger, Springfield, S&W, Sig, Sons of Liberty, and Geissele. B5 has over a million buttstocks in circulation and an increasing reach and proven reputation for innovation and durability. B5 Systems’ commitment to supplying the best possible products, to professional and commercial end users alike, underscores they are better by design and setting the new standard.