Top 5 Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

The fixed-blade broadhead has stood the test of time and for good reason. Fixed-blade broadheads have fewer moving parts than mechanical broadheads, which means less room for error and more reliability.

Today, fixed-blade broadheads come with various features and designs that still yield the consistency and durability fixed-blade broadheads always have. Picking the right fixed-blade broadhead comes down to several factors. The ideal broadhead will offer substantial penetration, a large wound channel, accurate arrow flight, and durability. Before selecting the right broadhead for you, here are some factors worth noting and a list of our picks for the 5 best fixed-blade broadheads.

Number Of Blades

Fixed-blade broadheads generally come in 2-blade, 3-blade, or 4-blade configurations. The more blades a broadhead has, the bigger the wound channel will be. This can lead to better blood trails, more damage, and a quicker tracking job.

Two-blade broadheads also have several advantages. Although the wound channel may be smaller, penetration is generally deeper. Arrow flight may also be more consistent than a 3 or 4-blade broadhead.

Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of your broadhead also determines how big your wound channel is and how big your blood trail will be. A larger cutting diameter means your broadhead is more likely to sever arteries and puncture vital organs, leading to a quicker recovery.

Smaller diameter broadheads are great for lower-poundage archers or archers needing increased penetration.

Grain Weight

The grain weight of your broadheads and overall arrow setup significantly affects arrow penetration and killing power. Heavier arrows generally penetrate deeper and travel more slowly. Inversely, lighter-weight arrows travel faster but offer less penetration. Many factors go into the overall weight of your arrow setup, but broadhead weight is a factor.


How your broadhead holds up during the shot is a crucial contributor to the overall quality of the broadhead. A broadhead that stays intact and keeps its form while crushing through bone and hide will lead to more penetration and more kills.

Extra Features

Fixed-blade broadheads come in many different types and kinds. Some extra features to look out for include tip type, bleeder blades, replacement blade compatibility, and much more.

Bow Setup

Your compound bow or crossbow setup is also relevant in your broadhead selection. Draw weight, draw length, and tuning all affect broadhead performance.

Making The Choice

Selecting the best broadhead depends on several factors and may vary based on your conditions and preferences. Hunting big game like elk and moose may require a different broadhead choice than whitetail deer or hog hunts. Whatever your situation, MidwayUSA has a large selection of both compound and crossbow broadheads from top brands like QAD, Magnus, G5, and more to ensure you get the most out of your broadheads. 

Our top 5 choices for the best fixed-blade broadhead are listed below and our entire selection of fixed-blade broadheads can be found here.


QAD Exodous Full Blade Broadhead

The Exodus from Quality Archery Designs is a revolutionary fixed blade broadhead that delivers field point accuracy with bone crushing penetration in a large cutting diameter. The Blade Over Shaft design of this head yields a super short head for precision accuracy while still maintaining a 1.25" cutting diameter for shorter blood trails and quicker recoveries of your hard earned trophy. The Full Blade version of this head gives you more blade strength and is the perfect choice for archers in states with a "barbed point" restriction.



  • Super Short Head
  • Blade Over Shaft Design
  • Field Point Accuracy
  • Steep Cutting Angle
  • Super Strength Blades
  • Rock-Buster Hardened SST Tip
  • Precision Spin
  • Razor Sharp

What Customers Are Saying

This is the truest flying ...

This is the truest flying fixed head Ive ever shot. Ive clipped vanes from FP's out to 60 yards when shooting this BH right behind it. Wound channel is impressive. No, its not the same as a big 2 blade expandable but it is great for a Cut-On-Contact head and I haven't had a deer that hasn't been a full pass through. The heads are very durable as I've put one through a complete torture test. I highly recommend these heads to any hunter.
- david, 12/4/2011 Shop Now

Magnus Stinger Buzz Cut 4-Blade Broadhead

The serrated main blade and chisel point on the Magnus Stinger Buzz Cut will give you superior penetration and massive tissue damage resulting in faster kills and quicker recoveries of your hard earned trophies. The 4-blade stinger opens larger wound channels for faster for better blood trails and faster recoveries of your trophy animals. Every stinger broadhead is spin tested for superior accuracy even from today's ultra-fast bows. This head is also backed by Magnus's no-questions asked lifetime guarantee, so you know this broadhead is designed perform. Superior penetration, excellent blood trails, and a lifetime guarantee make this broadhead the perfect choice for today's demanding bowhunter.

What Customers Are Saying

Used these for years

I have used these broadheads for years and anything I have shot with them didn't go very far. I cant say much about the blood trail they leave because when properly placed I've never had an animal go more than 60-70 yards and unless you hit bone such as the offside shoulder everyone has been a pass thru
- 1armbandit, 1/19/2017 Shop Now

G5 Montec Crossbow Broadhead

The proven design of the Montec form G5 has been helping bowhunters be successful since its conception. One piece steel construction that is 100% spin-tested yields a super strong cutting machine that flies like a dart. No components to assemble or replace, just screw this head in and go hunting. The blades on this head can be re-sharpened to give you a razor sharp head that will last season after season. Now designed specifically for the crossbow hunter, these broadheads will provide you with the pinpoint accuracy that you need to be effective in the field.


  • 100% steel tough
  • Cut on contact design
  • Diamond cut sharpness
  • 100% spin tested

What Customers Are Saying

Great Broadhead

This review is for the 125 gr G5 Montec Broadhead. I am new to crossbow hunting, something I picked up because my son loves it. Tried an expandable broadhead on a large hog, was not pleased. Thought I would try the G5 Montec . Yesterday shot a 110 lb whitetail at 39 yards, Impact was in the middle of the shoulder. This broadhead cut a 1and 1/8 inch hole through the shoulder blade, and exited behind the off side shoulder, deer ran 50 yards. I like!
- Gary the old man hunter, 9/24/2021 Shop Now

Ramcat Original 3-Blade Broadhead

Patented deep lobes in cutting tip create an air foil that drafts wind over the blades and disallows windplaning. Once in the animal, the lobes create a hydrofoil forcing body mass outward and thus removing friction down the arrow shaft; this results in the deepest penetration on the market. Offset and Stealth blade design. The blades are .032″ thick for strength and have no blade windows. The replacement blades are sharpened front and rear to create a backcut if the head does not pass through the animal. It will cut its way back out! One piece stainless steel body construction.


What Customers Are Saying

ill buy them over and over and over

best broadheads ive ever used. best penetration of any ive used. i truly believe i would have lost an elk and a whitetail had not been for the cats. because i did loose what would have been my biggest whitetail missouri buck with another brand because of lack of penetration. same scenario/angle the very next year ended well with the cats. same bow, angle,arrow yardage but with the cats and my biggest achery buck. went through scapula and ribs into lungs, went 40yds. same with the elk when i saw the arrow sticking out i thought the worst, but it didn't live 2 min at the most. i now use the broadheads i previously bought on does and pigs. all 3 heads could have been shot at animals again no problem maybe just a litte sharpening.
- Trackhoehunter, 7/30/2018 Shop Now

Muzzy Broadhead Pack of 6

Muzzy broadheads have been a staple in the archery industry for the last 25 years because of their durability and superior on game performance. The machined aluminum ferrule coupled with the Muzzy Trocar tip make the Muzzy one of the most durable and dependable broadheads on the market. Muzzy broadheads are accurate, dependable, and deadly, exactly what every bowhunter needs from their hunting head.

Quantity: 6

What Customers Are Saying

Outstanding broadhead!!!! ...

Outstanding broadhead!!!! I was practicing for the upcoming bow season, the target I was shooting was a 2X2 styrofoam block my arrow went through the bock and hit a 2" pipe fence thats was 4 feet behind the target. When the arrow impacted the fence it caused a bur on the fence from impact. The broadhead was shoved back into the arrow shaft about 3 inches. the blades were still intact and the only damage to the broadhead was the trokar tip wasnt quite as sharp as it was before the devastating blow. My arrow on the other hand had seen better days. I LOVE these Broadheads. Tough and reliable with outstanding and devastating performance!!!!
- James, 8/19/2011 Shop Now