5 Best Shooting Rests

Nearly every type of shooter has something to gain from a quality shooting rest. Whether using a sled, bag, or tripod, shooting rests can improve long-range accuracy and help make the most of your shooting experience.

A proper shooting rest can help improve accuracy, reduce recoil, and keep your gun on target for quick follow-up shots. MidwayUSA has a shooting rest for all your needs including sighting in your rifle, bench rest competitions, spot and stalk hunting, tactical, and even ground and box blind shooting applications. Learn to make the most of your shooting experience with our top 5 best shooting rests.


Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 Rifle Shooting Rest

The Lead Sled DFT 2 (Dual-Frame Technology) has been re-designed to provide shooters with the industry's best reduction system and the versatility to fit virtually any shotgun or rifle, all build around a precision shooting platform. Whether you are trying to shoot the very tightest possible groups with your rifle or patterning your favorite shotgun, the Lead Sled DFT 2 provides an optimal platform for shooting without the negative effects of recoil.


  • Reduces recoil by up to 95%
  • Extremely fine windage and elevation adjustments
  • Adjustable cradle system fits almost any length rifle & shotgun
  • Re-designed baffled tray keeps up to 100 lbs. of lead shot in place
  • New revolutionary molded front bag provides a soft touch but firmness for increased stability
  • Improved elevation ram eliminates wobble in the front cradle. 2 1/2" adjustment (over 2 feet at 100 yards)
  • Advanced rear recoil shock absorbing pad cushions the firearm during use
  • Dual frame technology allows the length of the rest to be personalized
  • Increased clearance of the Lead Sled DFT's unique dual frame design, it can accept most detachable magazines rifles (AR-15, AR-10, & lever action rifles
  • An innovative elastic retention strap can be used to "strap in" the forend of the gun, preventing the front of the gun from jumping out of the front cradle

What Customers Are Saying

Works As Advertised

This is a solid rest when used with a 25lb bag of shot or other similar weight. I do not use it to reduce recoil although it does perform that function. I use the rest to initially sight in a new rifle/scope combination or a new hand load to ensure the round is fired from an anchored rifle on a rock steady rest to achieve repeatable accuracy. The elevation and windage dials provide fine adjustment to align the cross hairs to the same aiming point shot after shot. Additionally, the rest is constructed so that it can accommodate the long magazine of an AR which is a feature many other rests do not provide. The rest is, in my opinion, too cumbersome to use for round after round at the range as recoil does require the rest to be repositioned to some degree after each shot. Once I'm satisfied the rifle is sighted in on the Lead Sled I use either the bipod or bags to support the rifle. The rest can also double as a gun vise for cleaning and some maintenance chores on your rifle if it does not require the gu...
- Neal, 1/5/2018

About Caldwell

For the marksman, Caldwell is a brand engineered for perfection to take your shot to the next level. Whether you’re shooting competitively or recreationally, the team at Caldwell aims to make you the best. With quality products like the iconic Stinger, Matrix, and Precision Turret shooting rests, you will have the confidence to take the shot when it matters most with unmatched precision. Caldwell focuses on precision, creating shooting supplies with accuracy in their DNA. They are determined to provide only the best. Adhering to the highest standard of superior quality within the brand and products. Caldwell wants you to have confidence that you’ve hit your target even before you pull the trigger. Known for their shooting rests and bags, Caldwell has also built bipods, chronographs, steel targets, and ear & eye protection to ensure you have everything you need for a great day at the range. With Caldwell, “eliminate the variables that make you miss.”

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Protektor Rabbit Ear Rear Shooting Rest Bag Leather Tan Filled

The original #13 Rabbit Ear Rear Bag was invented by Protektor Model founder Basil Tuller in 1938. It is 2-5/8" H to the bottom of the ears then tapers downward slightly toward the eagle. Each ear is 2-1/2" tall and has a single stitch sewed in between them. It is recommend to use this style ear with most common hunting stocks used today. The taller rabbit ears allow a shooter to use the squeeze technique to adjust elevation while shooting. This is a versatile high quality top grain leather rear bag and is recommended for shooting a wide range of distances. The base size measures 5" W x 6 3/4"


  • High quality, top grain leather construction
  • Sand filled
  • Perfect for a variety of hunting stocks


What Customers Are Saying

Great product made in the USA

Study all leather material, works just like it should. Will last years and years. I definitely recommend this bag. I be buying more bags from Proteckor! Made in the USA!
- Regular Joe, 3/12/2020 Shop Now

BOG DeathGrip Shooting Tripod

  1. Mossy Oak Bottomland
  2. Realtree Excape
3 Color Options

The BOG DeathGrip Tripod is engineered to be the most stable shooting platform for its price. The aluminum legs offer unmatched durability year after year. The patented clamp secures any weapon, hands-free, freeing the BOG hunter to glass or call on the hunt with ease. Take on your UNKNOWN, season after season, with the most reliable shooting tripod.


  • Tilt adjustment lever controls up to 25 degrees of cant forwards and back and the head pans 360 degrees with tension adjustment
  • No-slip lever locks provide faster locking and release
  • Non-marring rubber jaw insert protects the firearm and the quick-adjust clamping lever secures the firearm in seconds with smooth rotation
  • Retractable steel feet secure legs into virtually any terrain, then store safely for transport
  • 3-position leg angle lock allows for secure shooting in standing, kneeling and prone positions while the integral bubble level ensures a level positioning

What Customers Are Saying

Little modification can save a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ lol

Great product just add AOKA Now works with ARCA and grip You ll nee 3" long bolt one washer 1,6 od and one bigger size for the top used original part to fit it Beat 100$ carbon fiber tripods
- Mad Russian, 12/15/2019

About BOG

Established in 2006, BOG introduced the BOG-Pod shooting platforms in tripods, bipods and monopods featuring an interchangeable head system. Since then, BOG has developed several patented shooting sticks and shooting rests to accommodate a variety of hunting and shooting situations. BOG offers industry leading shooting platforms in the DEATHGRIP, Adrenaline, and Havoc Tripods, Bipods and Monopods. The modular design allows hunters and shooters options between universal cradle and two-point shooting rests, along with adjustable, clamping rests that secure guns or crossbows hands-free in a ready position. BOG’s hunting gear such as trail cameras and 360 chairs are designed for the obsessed hunter…the BOG hunter.

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MidwayUSA Gripper Shooting Rest Bag Filled

The MidwayUSA Gripper Shooting Rest Bag is a rock solid rest that will keep you on target. The non-slip material keeps your firearm secure between the ears. The bottom is separated into two legs that can be manipulated to raise or lower the muzzle end of the firearm when shooting at several distances from one position. Rest includes shoulder strap so you can have your hands free when lugging your range gear to the bench.


  • Durable Nylon
  • Non-Slip Surfaces
  • Media Filled

What Customers Are Saying

Excellent! Best yet for table-top shooting.

I test a lot of hand-loads, and need good accuracy, and to eliminate the variable of movement in the rifle. I was using the Caldwell TackDriver bag, but the center of that bag, where the rifle sits ended being too low to use with AR rifles, and also limited the rear rest bags I could use for most of my rifles. This bag is larger, taller, heavier, better made and designed, and very stable. I would recommend it for load testing, table-top shooting where you don't have to move (it's heavy), and for both AR and bolt action rifles.
- Oregon Shooter, 7/14/2021

About MidwayUSA

MidwayUSA brand product designers have one straightforward goal: develop high-quality, technically sound products and deliver them to our customers at reasonable prices. Our development team is immersed in the shooting sports industry, and pays close attention to every single detail, ensuring our products are built right, and stand up to the trials and tribulations of everyday use. From our competition shooting mats and range bag systems, to our hunting clothing and backpacks, and everything in between, MidwayUSA brand products carry the legacy of quality and value synonymous with the MidwayUSA name since 1977.

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CTK Precision Compact Shooting Rest

Designed to accommodate both pistols and rifles with pistol grips, the Compact Shooting Rest is perfect for shooters with limited bench space. This rest is 10” shorter and 9” narrower than their original P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest.

The Compact Shooting Rest is equipped with an adjustable rear leg that allows for precise elevation adjustments. The horizontally telescoping Rear Shooting Pad adjusts to all pistols and rifles with pistol grips (such as the AR-15 platform). The telescoping Front Y Rest adjusts vertically to quickly get you on target. Both the Rear Shooting Pad and the front Y Rest are covered with high quality marine carpet for long lasting durability.




  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Rear Shooting Pad adjusts to accommodate both pistols and rifles with pistol grips (such as the AR-15 platform)
  • Y Rest adjusts vertically to quickly get you on target
  • Marine carpet on Rear Rest Pad and Front Y Rest is durable and protects firearms
  • Adjustable rear leg allows for precise elevation adjustments
  • Protective rubber feet won't harm work surface
  • Optional attachments include Pistol Post Add-On: great for laser grip pistols and short barrel revolvers

What Customers Are Saying

Love it!!

The CTK precision compact shooting rest made sighting in a new scoped Ruger Super Redhawk 44 magnum at 50 yards very easy. Rest is easy to adjust and when adjustments are tightened down no shake in the rest. Nicely padded to protect the handgun. Also works great on AR15 rifles with a pistol grip.
- PaGuy, 8/19/2018 Shop Now