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Top 5 22 LR Plinking Ammo

Looking for the best 22 LR ammo for plinking? The 22 Long Rifle has been around for over a hundred years. If you call yourself a shooter chances are you own a 22, if you don’t you can check out 22 LR guns here. 22 LR ammo is typically much cheaper than centerfire ammo, allowing you to get much more shooting for your dollar. We put together a list of our top 5 22 LR ammo choices for plinking. You can check out all 22 LR ammo here.

Remington Golden Bullet Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 36 Grain Plated Lead Hollow Point Bulk

Remington is one of the leaders in rimfire ammunition advancements. Their wide variety of loadings means that you are sure to find the right ammunition for your needs. Great for competition, hunting or plinking.


Quantity Packs:

  • Box of 525 = Bulk-packed loose in a cardboard box
  • Box of 1400 = Bulk-packed loose in a plastic bucket


What Customers Are Saying

.22 ammo

I have used .22 ammo for longer than most people have been alive and quite probably more of it. 22 ammunition is an enigma. It is all dirty and works well or poorly entirely dependent on the weapon. In this case we have a lightly plated round which might reduce lead in the bore but overall fouling remains about the same. It is consistent enough for most purposes if your "gun" likes it. I have some "guns" that accept this stuff as OK when I'm not trying to hit a gopher in the head at 100 yds. I enjoy the big bucket of loose rounds because I can access multiple handfuls without spilling too many. I gave it 5 stars. As 22 ammunition, it would have to be really lousy to get anything less.
- Riflekey, 9/22/2019

About Remington

We’ve been here since 1816. Together, Remington and America have fought and won wars, put food on millions of tables and brought countless generations together at the range and in the field. We are proud of each and every round that rolls off our factory line. Bringing a renewed focus to ammunition, innovation, and quality, we are reinvigorating our company so you can continue to trust our brand and our products – all while staying true to Remington’s legendary heritage and stature as an American icon.

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Aguila Super Extra High Velocity Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Plated Lead Round Nose Bulk

Aguila ammunition features a wide variety of unique loads for special rimfire applications. Aguila High Velocity ammunition produces tight groups and plenty of knockdown power for rodents all while being available at a very affordable price. These high velocity rounds are perfect for target shooting or plinking and provide tight groupings. The copper-plated bullet provides excellent accuracy, consistent performance and smooth cycling. This ammunition is new-production and non-corrosive and is recommended for use in bolt action rifles.

What Customers Are Saying

Glock 44 22LR Zero Issues

I've run over 1000 rounds in my Glock 44 22lr without any failures. It's been a great round and makes target practice much more affordable.
- Rich, 12/17/2020

About Aguila

Your guns are hungry. They crave lead and feast on recoil. They are born with a gluttonous appetite for speed and accuracy. We are Aguila Ammunition. We believe that getting the most out of your firearm begins with what you put into your firearm. And that’s why we only source the best raw materials to manufacture the best ammunition possible. Ammunition that’s reliable and dependable shot after shot. Ammunition that holds nothing back when it comes to performance, quality, and innovation. Yes, ammunition that your guns will downright devour. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

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Federal AutoMatch Target Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose Box of 325 Bulk

AutoMatch Target Rimfire ammunition is specifically designed for use in semi-automatic firearms. It provides reliable feeding and function without excessive powder and lead residue. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

What Customers Are Saying

I rate this ammo five ...

I rate this ammo five stars based on accuracy in my firearms versus price. Very little difference between this ammo and that costing twice as much or more. It functions and groups well in my pistols and rifles, semi-auto and bolt action. I will buy it again.
- Daryl, 2/25/2010

About Federal Premium

Technology is the lifeblood of Federal Ammunition, and it’s been pumping through our veins since 1922. That’s when our founding president, Charles L. Horn, started a culture of innovation that has guided everything we’ve done for nearly a century, turning a company that began humbly in Anoka, Minnesota, into one of the world's largest producers of sporting ammunition. It’s led to the development of thousands of specialized, high-quality shotshell, centerfire and rimfire loads for hunters and shooters. It’s instilled manufacturing and quality control processes that have made our ammunition the most trusted in the industry. Every day we manufacture products to enhance our customers' shooting experiences and provide an ideal choice for any pursuit. It's what makes us the most complete ammunition company in the business. Today, we carry on Horn's vision for quality products and service with the next generation of shooters. With our CEO Chris Metz at the helm, we maintain our position as

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CCI Standard Velocity Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose

CCI is known in the shooting sports industry for having reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time and time again.

CCI Standard Velocity ammunition is loaded to the same velocity as CCI Green Tag and Pistol Match ammunition but priced less to help keep your training budget in line. The clean-burning propellant helps keep semi-automatic actions clean for longer shooting sessions. Can be used for plinking or competition training. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

What Customers Are Saying

There's no difference at ...

There's no difference at all compared to CCI Green Tag in my old Remington 513-T. They both consistently shoot around 1 MOA...and that's with a grunter 4.5 pound trigger. Group size would definitely shrink if I could get the trigger safely down to around 16 to 20oz like on the Anschutz rifles but this is next to impossible on those old Remington triggers. Nevertheless, 1 MOA is fine by me, and you can't beat the price of the Standard Velocity. I've tried many other brands (all the Eley and the Fed 900 series) and they really didn't shoot any better in my rifle. Then again, that's my rifle and might not be the case in yours. Either way, there's no reason for me to pay the extra price for the "better" ammo because CCI Standard Velocity does the job as well or better all at a fraction of the price.
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Blazer Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose

Blazer is known in the shooting sports industry for having reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time and time again. Blazer 22 LR loads are recommended for small game hunting, target practice and plinking. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

What Customers Are Saying

Shot against 11 other ...

Shot against 11 other rounds, this load produced some of the smallest groups.10/22 with Green Mountain barrel
- Kyle, 2/25/2010

About Blazer

This ammo combines a non-reloadable aluminum case with high value and high performance. It is the perfect practice and training ammunition. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

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