Top 5 22 LR Plinking Ammo

Looking for the best 22 LR ammo for plinking? The 22 Long Rifle has been around for over a hundred years. If you call yourself a shooter chances are you own a 22, if you don’t you can check out 22 LR guns here. 22 LR ammo is typically much cheaper than centerfire ammo, allowing you to get much more shooting for your dollar. We put together a list of our top 5 22 LR ammo choices for plinking. You can check out all 22 LR ammo here.

Remington Golden Bullet Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 36 Grain Plated Lead Hollow Point Bulk

Remington is one of the leaders in rimfire ammunition advancements. Their wide variety of loadings means that you are sure to find the right ammunition for your needs. Great for competition, hunting or plinking.


Quantity Packs:

  • Box of 525 = Bulk-packed loose in a cardboard box
  • Box of 1400 = Bulk-packed loose in a plastic bucket


What Customers Are Saying

.22 ammo

I have used .22 ammo for longer than most people have been alive and quite probably more of it. 22 ammunition is an enigma. It is all dirty and works well or poorly entirely dependent on the weapon. In this case we have a lightly plated round which might reduce lead in the bore but overall fouling remains about the same. It is consistent enough for most purposes if your "gun" likes it. I have some "guns" that accept this stuff as OK when I'm not trying to hit a gopher in the head at 100 yds. I enjoy the big bucket of loose rounds because I can access multiple handfuls without spilling too many. I gave it 5 stars. As 22 ammunition, it would have to be really lousy to get anything less.
- Riflekey, 9/22/2019

About Remington

We’ve been here since 1816. Together, Remington and America have fought and won wars, put food on millions of tables, and brought countless generations together at the range and in the field. We are proud of each and every round that rolls off our factory line. Bringing a renewed focus to ammunition, innovation, and quality, we are reinvigorating our company so you can continue to trust our brand and our products – all while staying true to Remington’s legendary heritage and stature as an American icon. Remington is a world leader in ammunition and firearms and is trusted by militaries, law enforcement, and hunters around the world. MidwayUSA is proud to offer Remington Ammo like the UMC, Core-Lokt, and Express series, and firearms like the 700 rifle and 870 shotguns. In addition to ammunition and firearms, Remington also offers gun parts, cleaning kits, safes and storage, apparel, and more. Remington has a focus on building dependable firearms that Customers can enjoy for a lifetime.

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Federal AutoMatch Target Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose

Federal AutoMatch Target Rimfire ammunition is specifically designed for use in semi-automatic firearms. Whatever rimfire pursuit drives you, you'll get accurate, affordable performance with Federal Champion rimfire ammunition. The reliable bullet, priming and brass are suited to a wide variety of rimfire range applications.


  • Accurate
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Affordably priced
  • Federal brass, bullet and priming


What Customers Are Saying

I rate this ammo five ...

I rate this ammo five stars based on accuracy in my firearms versus price. Very little difference between this ammo and that costing twice as much or more. It functions and groups well in my pistols and rifles, semi-auto and bolt action. I will buy it again.
- Daryl, 2/25/2010

About Federal Premium

Federal Cartridge Company, as we know it today, started in 1922 when Charles Horn purchased Federal Cartridge and Machine out of receivership. Federal’s first products were shotshells, followed by rimfire in 1924. In 1976, Federal Premium was launched, combining boutique bullets with premium propellants and nickel-plated brass to create the “best of the best” in centerfire ammunition. Over a century later, MidwayUSA offers a complete spectrum of Federal ammunition, ranging from shotshell offerings like: Top-Gun, High Over All, Game Loads, Gold Medal Grand, and Prairie Storm; and centerfire rifle ammunition such as Fusion, Power-Shok, Gold Medal Match, Meat Eater; to centerfire pistol ammunition: HST, Punch, and American Eagle. Federal continues to manufacture rimfire ammo in the form of AutoMatch, Champion, and Game-shok. Federal supports handloaders with standard: small pistol, small rifle, large pistol, large rifle, 209 shotshell primers, and the Gold Medal-series match primers.

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Winchester Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 36 Grain Plated Lead Hollow Point

Winchester bulk ammunition is perfect for the value minded shooter. Featuring Winchester's fastest 22 Long Rifle copper plated 36-grain lead hollow point bullet that achieves a muzzle velocity of 1280 fps. This highly accurate and consistent bullet is ideal for target shooting or for small game and varmints.

What Customers Are Saying

Good for me

currently shoot in a MP-22 compact, AR-22 and 2 ruger mkIII's. No issues noted and runs like a champ.
- KW, 6/23/2019

About Winchester

Winchester is The American Legend, a brand built on integrity, hard work, and a deep focus on its loyal Customers. Considered one of the world’s leading ammunition and firearms manufacturers, Winchester has built its reputation on delivering innovative products, providing top-shelf Customer service, and demonstrating industry leadership. Along with ammunition and firearms, Winchester offers many gun parts and accessories as well as tools, apparel, safes and storage, air guns, and more. We offer a huge selection of Winchester products, including the Model 70 Rifle, Super-X Ammunition, SX4 Shotgun, and AA Target Ammo. From our research and development efforts to our manufacturing processes, we understand the value of product quality and performance. With a reputation steeped in tradition, we have earned the moniker ‘The American Legend’ by delivering on our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

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Eley Target Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose

Eley Target is a high quality general purpose rifle cartridge that's the first step to precision performance at ranges up to 50 meters. Previously the Eley Target Rifle, Target Pistol, Standard and Pistol Standard ammunition.

What Customers Are Saying

My CZ452 Varmint rifle ...

My CZ452 Varmint rifle will shoot .375 five shot groups at fifty yards using this ammo. The next best was CCI standard velocity.
- Randy, 2/25/2010 Shop Now

CCI Mini-Mag Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Plated Lead Round Nose

CCI has been loading rimfire ammunition since 1962 and is known in the shooting sports as a one of the leaders in rimfire ammunition. CCI has made a reputation for delivering reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance time after time.

CCI Mini-Mag ammunition is ideal for small game hunting and general plinking. It is one of the industry's leading high velocity rimfire rounds that features clean-burning propellants helping to keep the action cleaner than other popular rimfire ammunitions. It's new production and non-corrosive.

Quantity Packs:

  • Box of 100 = 1 box of 100 rounds in a plastic tray
  • Box of 1600 = 16 boxes of 100 rounds in plastic trays
  • Box of 2000 = 20 boxes of 100 rounds in plastic trays
  • Box of 5000 = 50 boxes of 100 rounds in plastic trays

What Customers Are Saying

I have tried 15 plus ...

I have tried 15 plus different brands and types of .22 lr ammo and the solid mini mags are the most accurate in my Marlin 7000. The standard velocity are a close second. The hollow point mini mags aren't quite as accurate but I would reccomend them for hunting. All CCI ammo I have tried functions very well in semi autos very few misfires.
- Jim, 2/25/2010

About CCI

The name CCI comes from Cascade Cartridges, Inc, founded by business partners Richard “Dick” Speer and Arvid Nelson. Starting in a small room at the Speer Bullet plant, Dick decided to make cartridge cases, or brass, for Weatherby and other proprietary cartridges that were not well-supported. Faced with raw material problems for cartridge cases after WWII, CCI pivoted to manufacturing component primers for reloaders and the US Military. CCI remains one of the most popular brands today for small and large rifle, pistol, and muzzleloading primers. Well-known primer numbers include #200, 250, 450, and 500. Today, CCI is equally well-known as the leader in rimfire ammunition, producing more than any other manufacturer. CCI makes nearly every rimfire caliber, including the popular 22 LR and 17 HMR, in multiple offerings, including Mini-Mag, Stinger, and Quiet.

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