Top 5 Beginner Crossbows for Hunting

With more and more states opening up archery seasons to crossbow hunters, there is no time like the present to invest in a reliable crossbow package to take advantage of the increased opportunity. Many of these crossbow packages come with just about everything needed to quickly sight in and effectively hunt with a few hours of practice. We have gathered a top 5 list of the best beginner crossbows and crossbow packages according to our Customers. You can shop all crossbows here.


TenPoint Flatline 460 Crossbow Package

Designed for the hardcore hunter who wants a smaller footprint to maximize shooting opportunities, but isn’t willing to sacrifice speed or accuracy, the TenPoint Flatline 460 Crossbow Package shoots a blistering 460 feet-per-second and delivers unrivaled long-range accuracy.

The Flatline 460 maximizes accuracy and durability with NEW Scope Struts and a longer dovetail that increases strength by 80-percent. This combination provides a rock-solid foundation for your scope to deliver long range accuracy and “bulletproof” in-the-field durability. The NEW longer dovetail allows for more scope adjustments, heavier scope options, and provides the strength of a full-length rail without the added weight.

Featuring a perfectly balanced reverse-draw platform that is unmatched in its ability to produce speed and power, the Flatline 460 is equipped with a 2-stage, zero-creep S1 Trigger that delivers a consistent crisp, 3.5-pound pull.

Not only does the Flatline de-cock, it de-cocks safely – separating TenPoint from other crossbows on the market. While other crossbows on the market can be de-cocked, the patented ACUslide on the Flatline 460 eliminates the potential of losing control during de-cocking which can lead to injury or costly bow damage. If your hand innocently slips off the handle, the handle stops in its place.

The Flatline 460 will change the way you hunt – giving you the freedom and mobility to go further, while packing a stand or the gear you need to ultimately make you a more successful hunter. Crossbow Hunting Package



  • ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system
  • Optics: Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope or EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope
  • 6-pack of EVO-X CenterPunch 16 Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows (.001” straightness, 400-grains)
  • Integrated String Stop System
  • Quiver
  • Sentry Bowhanger


About TenPoint

Made in America. Built for Precision. With close to 100 industry-leading crossbow patents – each precision engineered to deliver absolute precision at every draw – it’s easy to see why after 27 years, family-owned TenPoint leads the industry in building the highest quality, most durable, and most accurate crossbows. Built from the ground up – all TenPoint crossbows are engineered with the hunter in mind and feature several custom designed accessories specifically designed to transform your crossbow into a deadly hunting machine.

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CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Package with Silent Crank

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Package contains the most revolutionary crossbow CenterPoint has ever created. The Wrath features a reverse cam design, that acts as a reverse draw, pushes arrows downrange at an astounding 430 FPS and deliver up to 164 FPE on impact. This design allows the bow to be extremely compact at just over 28-inches long and a mere 9-inches when fully cocked. The Wrath 430 delivers on the known deadly hunting performance from CenterPoint. The Silent Crank model includes the revolutionary Silent Crank which noiselessly provides an 80% reduction in draw weight.


  • High-performance delivery of speeds up to 430 FPS with 160 FPE for downrange accuracy
  • Compact bullpup body design with innovative folding stirrup
  • CNC-machined cam system featuring 9-inch axle-to-axle width when fully drawn
  • Durable, lightweight design is easy to carry and maneuverable in the field
  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety
  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty, three 20-inch carbon arrows, parallel quiver, illuminated 4x32mm scope, rope cocking sled, and rail lube

What Customers Are Saying

Extremely accurate.

If you shoot this bow at 40 yds , you will probably destroy a few bolts. It's just that good Deadly, even at. 80 yds
- Subguy, 1/19/2022 Shop Now

Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock ACUdraw Crossbow Package

The Most Affordable De-Cocking Crossbow on the Market. Meet the Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock ACUdraw Crossbow Package.

Available with the revolutionary ACUdraw De-Cock for safe de-cocking, the American-Built Raider 400 De-Cock combines the convenience of de-cocking and speeds up to 400 feet-per-second to create an affordable crossbow for all hunters that outperforms its competitors.

The light crossbow is equipped with the D-1 Trigger – a 2-stage, zero-creep design that delivers a consistent crisp, 3.5-pound pull.

Forget the hassle of carrying a target to discharge your bow, or risking damaging an arrow by discharging it at the end of the hunt – the patented ACUdraw De-Cock is simple, silent, and safe and allows you cock and safely de-cock with easy 5-pounds of force.

If you don’t take a shot, push the de-cock button and safely de-cock the crossbow with the built-in ACUdraw De-Cock. While de-cocking, you can remove your hand from the handle at any point and it will stop in its place, eliminating the potential of injury or damage that may occur with other de-cocking systems on the market.


  • TenPoint Lighted Pro-View Scope
  • ACUdraw De-Cock
  • 3 Match 400 Carbon Alpha-Nock Arrows
  • Quiver
  • 2 stage D-1 trigger with 3.5 pound pull
  • Up to 400 feet per second


About Wicked Ridge

For most hunters, we just made your crossbow obsolete. Wicked Ridge’s NEW 2022 crossbows silently cock and safely de-cock with the revolutionary ACUdraw De-Cock (patent pending) and hit speeds over 400 feet-per-second.

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Excalibur Micro Mag 340 Crossbow Package Realtree Excape

The Excalibur Micro Mag 340 Crossbow Package brings best in class performance, value, accuracy, and a lifetime warranty. This crossbow is designed to take care of all your needs, capable of taking down any animal in any situation. With an aluminum frame, anti-dry fire, premium trigger, and Excalibur's R.E.D. Suppressor, this crossbow package is a dependable companion for beginners and pros alike. It's all tied together with Excalibur's premium Dead Zone Scope. If you're looking for a workhorse crossbow, look no further than the Micro Mag 340.

Package Includes

  • Dead Zone Scope
  • Guardian Anti-Dry Fire System
  • R.E.D. Suppressors
  • 1” Scope Rings
  • 4 – Arrow Quiver
  • 3- Quill Arrows
  • 3 – 100gr Field Points
  • Rope Cocking Aid
  • Owners Manual
  • Sound Deadening System
  • Air Brakes


  • Aluminum frame
  • Anti-dry fire
  • Premium trigger
  • Excalibur's R.E.D. Suppressor
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Bear X Trek 380 Crossbow Package Black

The Bear Archery X Trek 380 crossbow comes ready-to-hunt and delivers top of the line speed, accuracy, and quality at an affordable price. The X Trek 380 is forged with the hunter in mind, offering aggressive power and performance. The stock offers multiple grab locations, making this crossbow easy to maneuver and shoot for various size and age hunters. The X Trek 380 is field ready with a 4x32 scope with multi cross-hair reticle with functioning eye piece, 5-arrow quiver, three carbon bolts with field points, and rail lube/string wax.


  • High speed power
  • Easy to maneuver in the field
  • Hard hitting power
  • Anti-dry fire inhibitor dual string suppressor system and picatinny style scope mount rail
  • Ready to hunt
  • Incredible value
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