5 Best Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular trail cameras are rapidly gaining popularity among hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers. These game cameras allow users to remotely monitor wildlife activity and capture high-quality images and videos.

What are Cellular Trail Cameras and how do they work?

Cellular trail cameras are trail cameras that use cellular networks to transmit images and videos to a remote device. Unlike traditional game cameras, cellular game cameras allow users to receive instant notifications of wildlife activity. This means users can monitor multiple cameras simultaneously without having to visit each site regularly.

Benefits of Cellular Trail Cameras

Real-time Updates: The biggest benefit of cellular trail cameras is the ability to receive real-time updates. This feature is particularly useful for hunters who want to track game patterns and plan their hunting trips accordingly. It also allows users to monitor wildlife activity in real-time, which is valuable for wildlife researchers and enthusiasts.

Multiple Users: Some cellular game cameras allow multiple users to access the footage, making them ideal for group projects or research. At the very least getting these images delivered straight to your phone makes sharing images of that trophy buck much easier.

Features to Consider

Cellular Network Coverage: Cellular trail cameras rely on cellular network coverage to transmit images and videos. Most cellular game cams have different models for different cellular networks. Before purchasing a cellular game camera, you should check the networks coverage in the area you plan on placing the camera. 

Battery Life: Cellular game cameras use batteries to power their operations, and the battery life can vary significantly between models. You'll want to choose a game camera with a long battery life since you won't be manually checking the SD card. 

Data Plan: Cellular trail cameras require a data plan to transmit images and videos. It is essential to choose a data plan that suits your needs and budget. Some cellular game cameras have data plans as low as $4 a month.

Image and Video Quality: Just like traditional trail cams you'll want to look at the picture quality and video quality. The quality is important since a good portion of your photos and videos will likely be at night. Just because a trail camera has great image quality doesn't necessarily mean it'll have great video quality. Having a trail cam that does both photo and video can help you identify the game on your property.

Brand: When choosing a cellular trail cam you want to be sure it comes from a trusted brand. All brands sold at MidwayUSA are trusted brands like, Stealth Cam, Moultrie, Muddy, and TACTACAM.

Cellular trail cameras are a game-changer for serious hunters. Below are our 5 best cellular trail cameras.


Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera 18 MP

As cellular camera technology continues to advance, so do the products Browning Trail Cameras offers.  With the Browning Trail Cameras Defender Wireless Scout Pro, Browning offers a high performance cell camera at a reasonable price.  With 18MP image capability and 900p HD video, the Scout Pro camera is still capable of delivering the results you deserve, but the adjustable trigger speeds and adjustable flash allows users to create a customized experience to best meet your needs.  Additionally, with the ability to download HD images and videos, manage the cameras through a convenient mobile app, and no long-term contracts, users will find the high-performance of these cameras both reliable and easy to use.   Available in both AT&T and Verizon models, this camera is capable of performing in a wide range of regions across the U.S.


  • 18MP
  • 120 ft. IR Flash Range
  • 0.22- 0.7 Adjustable Second Trigger Speed
  • 0.4 Second Recovery Time
  • Adjustable Infrared LED Illumination at Night ( Powersave, Long Range, Fast Motion)
  • 1600 x 900 HD+ Videos with Sound (5 sec. - 2 min. length)
  • 80 ft. Detection Range
  • Illuma-Smart Technology Automatically adjusts IR Flash for Perfect Night Photos
  • SD Card Management
  • Long battery life from 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Up to 8 Multi Shot Images
  • Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images
  • Smart IR Video
  • Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Picture info bar displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID, baro pressure
  • 12 volt External Power Jack
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card (not included)
  • ¼” -20 Tripod Socket
  • Timelapse Plus camera mode with IR triggered images
  • Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software

Cellular Functions

  • Operates on a nationwide 4G LTE Network
  • Uploads standard images
  • Uploads HD images or Video clips
  • Email / Text images or video clips
  • Create and Manage footage in Folders
  • Month-to-Month Data plans
  • No Contracts
  • Activate cameras only when you need them
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Scheduled or immediate image uploads
  • Plans start as low as $9.99 per month with 1200 standard images


What Customers Are Saying

I will be buying another on go a separate location

This is a great camera. I get instant photos of what is happening in front of the camera on my cell phone.
- Fred, 11/27/2020

About Browning

Browning is one of those classic, traditional companies with a long, proud history. To get to the very beginning one would have to go back to 1805, to the birth of Jonathan Browning in Tennessee. Jonathan was the father of John Moses Browning. Like many of his time he sought a life in the West, which eventually had him setting up shop as a gunmaker and gunsmith of some note in Nauvoo, Illinois and eventually brought him further West, with the Mormon pioneers to Ogden, Utah.

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Muddy Manifest 2.0 Cellular Trail Camera 16 MP Combo

The Muddy Manifest combo contains the new Manifest 2.0 Wireless Camera and everything you need you get started. The Manifest 2.0 cameras are not only one of the easiest wireless cameras to setup, but pack a punch at a highly competitive price point.  In a matter of minutes you will have images transmitting with their quick scan QR setup, combined with Stealth Cam’s new data plans, Manifest offers affordable options for every budget & need.



  • Manifest 2.0 Trail Camera
  • 8 AA Batteries
  • 16GB SD Card



  • 16 Megapixel 
  • Updated - Trigger Speed 0.8 Seconds
  • Image Resolutions (16MP/8MP/4MP)
  • Upload Resolutions (Low / High)
  • Quick Scan QR Code Set up
  • Matte Finish PIR Sensor
  • 4pcs 850nm Power LEDs
  • 80Ft Detection & IR Range
  • Burst Mode 1-3 images per triggering
  • 2 – 59 sec / 3- 59 min recovery time
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase / Camera Name 
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB (16GB Included)
  • Integrated Python lock latch
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries (Included)
  • Utilizes COMMAND App
  • Matte Finish PIR Sensor
  • External power jack for SOLPAK solar battery back (Sold Separately)


What Customers Are Saying

Great Camera- Crystal Clear Photos

I purchased this camera for surveillance on my farm as I have had trespassing issues. It was easy to setup and has been out for 2 weeks and still has full battery. I will be purchasing more.
- OhioFarmer74, 8/3/2022

About Muddy Outdoors

Established in 2007, Muddy has been known for its exceptionally high-end features and unwavering quality, and now, in addition to that, the line has been expanded and revolutionized to contain even more options. Muddy is a leading manufacturer of trail cameras, ladder stands, tripods, ground blinds, hang-on treestands, and harnesses. It also now includes a complete line of accessories and trail cameras. MidwayUSA offers a wide range of Muddy products, including the Pro Cam, The Safe Line, Bull Box Blind, Magnum Pro Safety Harness, and more! Muddy’s company goal and philosophy is to strive for the innovative advancement of ladder stands, tripods, ground blinds, hang-ons, and harnesses through exploration and adaptation. Hunters’ safety, stability, and satisfaction are key.

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Moultrie Edge Cellular Trail Camera 33 MP 2PK

Meet Moultrie Edge Cellular Trail Camera: the easy-to-use, feature-packed cellular trail camera innovation from Moultrie Mobile. The Edge is the next generation of cellular trail camera technology, providing unrivaled ease-of-use and engineered to deliver industry-best image quality, cellular connectivity, and battery life.

One camera, multiple major cellular networks: With cellular coverage provided by multiple nationwide networks, Auto Connect technology connects your camera to the strongest cellular network in your area – without ever swapping SIM cards.

No SD card required! With built-in memory, you won't need to buy or format finicky SD cards. Unlimited cloud storage ensures that all of your pictures are always available for you to view and manage using the Moultrie Mobile app, and Edge automatically manages its built-in memory to make room for new images.

Run your camera longer on fewer batteries. Operate efficiently with 8 AAs or install 16 AAs to enjoy extended life when you deploy your Edge in difficult-to-access locations. Edge operates on either Alkaline or Lithium AAs and is compatible with Moultrie solar power accessories (sold separately).


  • 16GB Built-In Memory – no SD card required!
  • 33MP Image Resolution and HD 720p Video w/ Sound
  • Flexible power options: Run 8 or 16 AA batteries, internal lithium rechargeable pack (sold separately), or Moultrie external power accessories
  • Easy to use interface; press CONNECT to receive a test image
  • Clearer Night Images – Improved IR LED arrangement produces even illumination out to 80 feet.
  • Auto Connect technology automatically detects and connects to the strongest signal from multiple nationwide networks
  • Fold & Transport Cellboost antenna provides better connectivity and folds for easier transport in and out of the field – no assembly required


What Customers Are Saying

I would buy again

These are good cameras and easy to set up and use.
- Roger, 12/23/2022

About Moultrie

Moultrie has been a leading innovator in the field of wildlife monitoring since its inception in 1980. With a rich history spanning over four decades, Moultrie has consistently provided outdoor enthusiasts with top-notch trail cameras and cellular cameras, including the Moultrie Edge and Delta Base cellular cameras that utilize Moultrie Mobile technology to send real-time trail camera pictures to your smartphone or desktop. In addition to trail cameras, Moultrie offers an extensive complementary array of accessories, including SD memory cards, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries. Moultrie also offers Attractants and Game Feeders renowned for their durability, timer settings, and large capacity, making them ideal for managing wildlife populations and establishing feeding routines. Throughout its history, Moultrie has remained committed to quality, innovation, and Customer satisfaction.

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TACTACAM Reveal X 2.0 Dual Sim Cellular Trail Camera 16 MP

The TACTACAM Reveal X Gen 2 Cellular Trail Camera 16 MP combines new, innovative technology and advanced features delivering a reliable scouting tool for every outdoorsman. The easy, multi-carrier capable camera set-up allows hunters to see the action as it’s happening from any location with instant photo delivery. The small, discreet, cellular camera is engineered to handle extreme weather conditions and provide ultimate performance with the newly developed hybrid mode – combining faster communication and improved battery life.


  • Sub 1/2s trigger speeds
  • Exceptional detection in all weather
  • Requires AA batteries
  • Adjustable night illumination at 96+ft
  • Detects animals at 96+ft
  • IP66 waterproof certified
  • Low Glow IR Technology
  • Request HD photos from app (additional data charges may apply)
  • Request video from app (additional data charges may apply)
  • Hybrid mode allowing more pictures to be taken and sent instantly
  • External port for solar panel
  • One year warranty
  • In-house customer service
  • USA developed and supported app
  • On-board Wi-Fi connects to app for simple set-up and live view option with instant image capture
  • LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
  • Requires a Tactacam, SanDisk, or Lexar Class 10, U3 SD Card, 16GB-32GB


What Customers Are Saying

Just Get One

So I had been debating for quite some time on which cellular camera to purchase. So I decided on this one. I can honestly say that this purchase has not disappointed me at all. It is easy to set up. Just follow the step by step instructions. The App is great too. I like the ability to create different galleries for whatever you want to separate and the high definition option. I like the quality of pictures and the features it offers. I cannot emphasize this enough...GET THE SOLAR PANEL and get rechargeable batteries! It will save you money. I have had this camera out for over a month and it hasn't gotten below 90%. It has taken over 1700 pictures in that timeframe. It is in a wooded area on a ridge top and not in an open field. I will do a separate review for the Solar panel too.
- KLR, 11/5/2022 Shop Now

Stealth Cam Reactor Cellular Trail Camera 26 MP

The Stealth Cam Reactor Cellular Trail Camera features 26MP photo resolution, 1080P Video Resolution at 30FPS with a Burst Mode of 1-9 images per triggering, and a 100ft No Glare Detection range, the Stealth Cam Reactor trail camera is the excellent choice if you are heading for your favorite hunting location. A quick trigger speed of 0.4 seconds ensures any animal movement is captured; You can upload video clips at Low (1280×720) and High (1920×1080) resolutions; This trail cam also features 42 - 940nm LED's, Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction, and Retina Low Light sensitivity The Reactor 26MP trail camera for hunting supports SD memory cards up to 32 GB and operates on 8AA batteries; It also incorporates an external power jack for SOL-PAK solar battery back (sold separately).

The Reactor trail cam utilizes the Command Pro App that enables you to view and share your images remotely from any app-enabled mobile device or on the web; It offers complete control and customization of your wireless trail camera settings


  • Video resolutions at 1080p or 720p
  • Quick Scan QR Code Set up
  • SD Card slot up 32GB
  • AT&T, Verizon, and Dual Sim (AT&T & Verizon) options
  • 26 MP photo resolution
  • 100ft detection range
  • 1-6 photos per trigger
  • 12V DC Jack
  • 0.4 second trigger speed

What Customers Are Saying

Love this camera

This camera was really easy to set up and as worked flawlessly since the word go. The pictures are very clear. What like most about the camera is the app. You are able to change the camera settings remotely, delete the sd card, switch from video to pictures with a click of a button through the app. also the app allows you to turn nighttime photos to color and filter for bucks only
- CajunHntr32, 11/2/2021

About Stealth Cam

Stealth Cam has been a leader in trail cam technology for over 20 years and is continuing to lead the way in product innovation and quality. Founded in 2000, Stealth Cam offers a multitude of scouting/surveillance and specialty cameras along with a variety of accessories to fit every consumer’s needs. They offer a wide variety of trail cameras, including 4K, Cellular, and Digital Cameras. Their offering also includes accessories like solar packs, camera mounts, SD card readers, and more! Stealth Cam owns multiple patents on its camera technology and is considered an industry pioneer in the trail camera category. Their trustworthy cameras like the Deceptr, Brow Tine, Fusion X, and Reactor are great representatives of Stealth Cam’s industry-leading products. Extensive product innovation and testing ensure that Stealth Cam will continue to lead the way in trail camera technology for years to come. Stealth Cam, The Leader in Trail Camera Technology.

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