Top 5 Crappie Fishing Baits

Crappie can be caught with several techniques, from a simple jig or live bait presentation all the way to the advanced trolling and jigging methods used by the pros. Here we’ve collected five of the best baits for crappie that any aspiring crappie angler should add to their gear.

Mr. Crappie Tube

  1. Electric Chicken
9 Color Options

Developed in collaboration with Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall, Strike King offers the Mr. Crappie Tube. As any crappie angler knows, tubes are indispensable when fishing for crappie. Offered in Wally Marshall's proven colors, the Mr. Crappie Tube by Strike King is manufactured using the highest quality materials and stringent production techniques to produce a flawless tube that performs to exacting standards


  • Strike King Soft Baits
  • Proven crappie-catching colors
  • High-quality materials
  • Consistent performer
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Johnson Beetle Spin

  1. Black/Chartreuse
10 Color Options

The Johnson Beetle Spin is a time-tested, proven fish-catching lure. Simple and easy to use for any angler, Johnson's Beetle Spin is the direct ancestor of the spinner grub Virgil Ward first fished over 50 years ago. 


  • Many have tried to knock it off, but there's only one original Beetle Spin
  • Mainstay for all pond anglers since the 1950's
  • Loud, hard vibration caused by cupped blade calls in fish from further away
  • Beetle bodies offered in the most popular sizes and colors


About Johnson

The Johnson brand has become a staple for every angler and can be found in almost every tackle box. Johnson spinner baits, spoons, and jigs lures have stood the test of time and continue to help anglers of all abilities catch fish.

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Bandit 300 Series Crankbait

  1. Natural Shad
  2. Chartreuse Shad
  3. Baby Bass
  4. Fire Tiger
  5. Threadfin Shad
  6. Bluegill
  7. Citrus Shad
58 Color Options

Bandit 300 Series Crankbaits dive to 12 feet and dig around in a searching swim that triggers strikes. Constructed out of top-quality materials and available in a wide array of color patterns, the 300 is perfect for bass and crappie.  Easily the most sought-after crankbait for trolling techniques on crappie, given consistency of action and diving depth. Troll at 1.5 mph and experiment with various lengths of line to find the active feeding depth for crappie on any given day.


  • Dives to 12 feet
  • Great for casting or trolling
  • Perfect for Bass and Crappie

What Customers Are Saying

Awesome Colors--nothing better for slow trolling Crappie!

Great middle-range crankbait for bass, but probably best known as the standard for slow-trolling crappie. Midway has all the good colors. If you are just starting out, get some in pink, some in chartreuse, some in shad (or chrome), and some in dark colors (even black). You'll be surprised how often one color works better than others, and how often that changes through the day. I troll with 4-6 rods, so I try to have enough of my favorite colors that I can cover all rods with the hot one. Use sz 1 or similar fast snaps to make color changes easier.
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Mr. Crappie Slab-Hammer Crappie Crankbait

8 Color Options

The Mr. Crappie Slab-Hammer Crappie Crank was designed in some awesome Crappie crank colors, and are great for pushing, pulling, trolling or whatever you have to do to catch the big slabs!


  • Made with the best components available
  • Blood Red hooks
  • Dives to 8'

What Customers Are Saying

good crankbaits

consistently good quality. baits run true out of the box.
- dewdad, 9/6/2021 Shop Now

Berkley PowerBait Gilly

  1. Pumpkinseed
  2. Watermelon Candy
  3. Black Blue Fleck
  4. Green Pumpkin
12 Color Options

The PowerBait Gilly is Pro Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike “IKE” Iaconelli. Japanese influenced design provides an unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action. The hollow head allows for easy crushing on strikes and helps to orient the bait in an upright posture when swimming. Rig vertical with weightless rigging, sideways as a Texas rig, on a Jig Head, with a Weighted swimbait hook, Line-through Stinger Hook rig, or even on a Drop Shot. Jam-packed with PowerBait flavor , it ensures you have the best chance to set the hook on every bite! Available in HD Tru Colors and standard injected colors


  • Pro Design by Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike "IKE" Iaconelli with heavy Japanese design and technique influence
  • Unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action
  • Hollow head allows for easy crushing on strikes and helps orient the bait in an upright posture when swimming
  • Rig sideways as a Texas rig, jig head, weighted swimbait hook, line-through stinger hook, or even on a drop shot
  • Jam-packed with PowerBait flavor to ensure you have the chance to set the hook on every bite


About Berkley

You have a passion for the sport. And so do we. That's what's made us the world's leading fishing tackle company. Passion. Berkley is the premium brand of fishing tackle that fuels your passion for fishing, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by anglers who share your commitment to the sport. At Berkley, our goal remains surprisingly simple - to make fishing fun and help anglers everywhere to Catch More Fish! Our leading edge technology has resulted in performance advances in fishing lines, soft baits, hard baits, fishing rods and terminal tackle. Berkley makes good anglers GREAT and great anglers the BEST! At Berkley we take fishing seriously because we are first and foremost - anglers ourselves.

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