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Magic Prepper advocates for having the right gear to be prepared for any doomsday scenario. These are his favorite products. You can view Magic Preppers page here, there you'll find several articles on prepping and survival.

Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press Anniversary Kit

This kit has just about everything needed to get started reloading. The "O" frame design creates a sturdy press for years and years of reloading. The quick change function allows standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies to be changed with the twist of a wrist. The press is made from ASTM 380 Aluminum, has 3-offset mounting holes, a 3-1/2" ram stroke and can handle cartridge lengths from the short 0.905" 25 ACP to the long 3.750" 460 Weatherby.

Kit Includes:

  • Lee Breech Lock Challenger Single Stage Press
  • 1-Breech Lock Die Bushing
  • Lee Large and Small Safety Prime
  • Lee Value Trimmer
  • Lee Cutter and Lock Stud
  • Lee Perfect Powder Measure
  • Lee Chamfer Tool
  • Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner
  • Lee Safety Powder Scale
  • Lee Powder funnel
  • 2 oz Tube Lee Resizing Case Lube

Curious about what else you will need to start reloading with this kit? We suggest the following; as this kit does not include bench plate, reloading dies, case length gauges or shellholders for the Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press.

  • A Lee Case Length Gauge for trimming cases
  • Cartridge specific die set
  • Shellholder for desired cartridge
  • Appropriate powder, primers, bullets and cases for your desired cartridge
  • Reloading Manual

What is the difference between the Anniversary Kit (Item# 423081) and the Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press kit (Item# 121744)?

  • The main difference is the priming feature, the Anniversary kit utilizes a press mounted priming feature, when the Breech Lock Single stage kit utilizes a Lee hand primer and shellholders

What Customers Are Saying

Great little press. The ...

Great little press. The Anniversary kit has the Safety prime press mounted tray and trigger system rather than the hand held priming system. I've used this systems to load 9mm Luger, short mags and the 375 H&H with good success. It has plenty of capacity and strength, making it a major value for experienced and new handloaders.The Beech Lock Quick Change die system is a single bushing design that addresses the deficiencies found in other products with similar intent. The Breech Lock press can used in both quick change and conventional die change configurations. I purchased two kits this year as gifts for family members who wanted to begin handloading and needed a good start.
- Joe, 2/25/2010

About Lee

Lee Precision began in 1958 with Richard Lee’s invention of the Lee Loader for shotgun shells. Shortly thereafter, Lee loaders for rifle and pistol ammunition were released, and in the years since, these economical tools have introduced millions of shooters to reloading. The 1970s brought bullet casting molds and the 1980s brought Lee presses and dies with innovative features not found on competing units. Over 60 years later, Lee is still family owned and producing affordable, quality reloading tools that are guaranteed for life. MidwayUSA offers a full complement of Lee Precision reloading dies, single stage presses, turret presses, progressive presses, bullet molds, powder scales, lead furnaces, bullet sizers, bullet lube, case trimmers, and many other reloading accessories. Some of their most popular models include the Pro 6000 Progressive Press, the Pro 4 Furnace, the Auto Drum Powder Measure, and the Classic 4 Hole Turret Press.

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KA-BAR Becker Harpoon Fixed Blade Knife

The KA-BAR Becker Harpoon Fixed Blade Knife is perfect for camping, hunting, and hiking. The contoured fits perfectly in your hand to make it ergonomically ideal and the slight jimping on the spine of the blade give you the ultimate control when wielding it. The knife includes a Celcon sheath that can be attached to a belt.


  • Hands free attachment from the sheath to your belt
  • Lanyard hole
  • Slight jimping on the spine for added control

What Customers Are Saying

Almost satisfactory

Sturdy construction, Ka-bar sharp. No complaints there. If I had known how slippery smooth the handle scales were, I would have passed on this one. Micarta scales are offered online for another xx$ dollars, but should have come on this otherwise decent tool for the price. At least there's a hole for a lanyard. Grips are much smaller than any of my other Ka-bar blades, too small for my hands, and slippery. Want to trade?
- J.I.C., 3/8/2023

About KA-BAR

KA-BAR, a legendary name in the world of knives and blades, has a rich and storied history that spans over a century. Founded in 1898, the company has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality knives that have become iconic in the knife industry. KA-BAR knives quickly earned a reputation for their durability, reliability, and versatility. The company's core product offering includes a diverse range of fixed blade, folding, and tactical blades, designed for various applications, including military, survival, hunting, and everyday carry. Known for its craftsmanship, KA-BAR knives have become a staple among knife enthusiasts, professionals, and collectors. From the iconic USMC Fighting Knife and Kukri machete to modern designs like the Becker Harpoon and Investigator, KA-BAR continues to uphold its legacy of producing top-notch knives that deliver on performance, durability, and functionality.

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Wilson Combat WCP320 Grip Module Sig P320 Full Size 9mm Luger, 357 Sig, 40 S&W Polymer

The Wilson Combat WC320 Grip Module Sig P320, P250 provides a new feature to the impressive modular capability of the Sig Sauer P320. Wilson Combat has now re-engineered the P320 grip frame to optimize its practical shooting potential. This molded polymer grip module will enhance your grip and improve recoil control. Wilson Combat's significant improvements in shape, texture, and overall ergonomics will give your P320 the superb feel of an expertly hand sculpted custom gun with a simple grip change. Wilson Combat's fresh look at the P320 grip module incorporates the suggestions of tactical trainers, champion shooters and firearms experts into the final product that has a look that is unmistakably “Wilson”. It is one of the most practical, comfortable and stylish P320 grips available and the ideal choice for practical shooting or defensive handgun use. These are non-serialized, newly manufactured grip modules and are not a serial numbered firearm.


  • Caliber Availability - 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG
  • Upgraded, high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang for smooth draws
  • Undercut front-strap and reshaped, radiused trigger guard for the highest grip possible
  • Enlarged, integrated magwell opening for fast reloads-compatible with the latest generation SIG-SAUER X-series factory basepads
  • Improved grip traction and increased grip pattern coverage with Wilson Combat’s exclusive Starburst grip pattern on the sides and aggressive texturing on the front and backstrap
  • Frame reference serrations for support hand thumb or index finger positioning
  • Angled "Holster Cuts" on light rail to aid in snag-free, re-holstering
  • Factory Sig Sauer magazine release included
  • Compatible with all standard holsters



What Customers Are Saying

Just buy it

I put the full length frame on my m17 and it is leaps and bounds better then the factory sig grip module. This is a no brainer Wilson Combat knows what they are doing.
- steven, 10/26/2020

About Wilson Combat

Bill Wilson has always been infatuated with guns. Originally trained as a watchmaker, he has been in the firearms industry since 1974, starting out with a retail store called Sportsman's Headquarters in Berryville, Arkansas. Since that humble beginning, he has built Wilson Combat into the largest and most successful custom firearms company in America.

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TacMed Solutions SOF Tourniquet

The TacMed Solutions SOF Tourniquet Trainer sets the benchmark for prehospital tourniquets. Purposeful upgrades allow for smoother and faster one-handed and two-handed applications for the most effective bleeding control. Its innovative design comes from years of extensive research, material testing, and end-user feedback on and off the battlefield. It continues to evolve with your changing medical response needs when bleeding control is needed most. The SOF Tourniquet easily slides over an arm or leg. It unclips at the buckle to fit around hard-to-reach areas, such as a trapped limb. It is stronger, lighter, and easier to use so you can stop the bleed anywhere life takes you.


  • Time Tag
  • Tri-Ring Lock
  • High-Strength Aluminum Windlass
  • Rugged Buckle
  • Tourniquet Retention Assistance Clip
  • Slack Indicator Wedge
  • Performance Compression Band

What Customers Are Saying

The best

I believe this is the best tourniquet on the market. It's approximately one ounce heavier than the CAT-T, but it's thinner and less bulky during transport. If you end up needing to use it, you can wash it and reuse it afterwards (looking towards a future of resource scarcity and reusable medical equipment). If you don't have a pouch or a pocket to carry it on your person, you can extend out the strap and have it dangle down the inside of your pant leg, and have it held by friction inside your pant belt line. You would then have a smooth draw compared to the friction provided by the velcro on the CAT-T. It's also strong enough that you could use it for something like securing the handles of double doors in a commercial building to prevent them from opening (active shooter defense?), or as a strap to drag or carry something (firewood?).
- Anonymous, 12/5/2021 Shop Now

AR-STONER AR-15 Ultimate Repair Kit

The AR-STONER Ultimate Repair Kit is the best option on the market for replacement small parts for your AR-15. Keep this kit on hand during your next AR-15 build or next range trip. Problems happen, and having the right parts to make repairs in the is critical. This kit includes standard mil-spec parts used in an AR-15, to ensure smooth and reliable operation and build saving time. Add the AR-STONER Ultimate Repair kit to your next order to give you peace of mind.


  • Firing Pin Retaining Pin (3)
  • Firing Pin
  • Takedown and Pivot Pin Detent (2)
  • Disconnector Spring
  • Extractor O-Ring
  • Extractor Spring
  • Hammer and Trigger Pin (2)
  • Gas Tube Roll Pin
  • Extractor Pin
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Front Sight Detent Spring
  • Extractor
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Ejector Roll Pin
  • Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • Takedown Pin
  • Safety Selector Detent
  • Gas Ring (3)
  • Pivot Pin
  • Disconnector
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Hammer Spring
  • Ejection Port Cover Spring
  • Takedown and Pivot Pin Detent Spring (2)
  • Safety Selector Detent Spring (2)
  • Magazine Release Spring


What Customers Are Saying

First 5/5 I have ever given. BUY!

Headline says it all. I have lost detents, shot springs into the stratosphere, smashed firing pin retainers and everything in between. I know you could relate or know a friend that could. I believe this is one of most comprehensive kits on the market at an amazing price. I like having spare parts on hand to help out friends and family. Buy this kit.
- Anthony Jr., 3/22/2022


AR-STONER™ has developed a reputation as a high quality, high value, manufacturer of AR-15 gun parts. Utilizing many of the original designs inspired by the architect of the AR15/M16, Eugene M. Stoner, AR-STONER™ continues to evolve with the needs of today’s competition and recreational shooters. MidwayUSA carries all popular AR-STONER™ products, such as complete uppers, parts kits, stocks, grips, handguards, magazines, and scope bases. We also carry AR-STONER™ shooting accessories like slings, gun cases, gunsmithing tools, and trucker hats. AR-STONER™ uses CNC machinery, controlled production techniques and mil-spec finishes, resulting in extremely high quality and unmatched reliability. Every part, from the smallest pin to a complete upper receiver assembly, is inspected for quality at each step of the production process. This attention to detail ensures that every AR-STONER™ Customer can carry their product with the same confidence and pride that was put into it at the factory.

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