Mark Rose's Favorite Products

Professional Angler Mark Rose shares his top 5 products, you can check out Mark Rose here.

Lew's Team Lew's Signature Series Casting Rod

The Lew's Team Lew's Signature Series Casting Rods are designed by the Pros to be the perfect rod for each situation! They have a 75% greater tip strength than traditional blanks. The FOCAS Blank technology includes increased hook up strength, increased overall strength with blank protection, while still maintaining a lightweight blank!


  • Lew’s proprietary multi-layered graphite blank with FOCAS Resin Concentrated Blank Technology
  • Winn Dri-Tac Ultra Split Grips
  • Seaguide RA premium aluminum oxide inserts
  • Full Contact reel seat for increased blank contact on casting models
  • Patented "No Foul" hook keeper

What Customers Are Saying

Great rod

Great skipping rod. Paired with the lews skipping reel it does exactly what its supposed too
- Jerry10mm, 11/14/2021

About Lew's

Lew Childre was born to fish and got the insatiable thirst to build better fishing products than anyone else. Since 1949, professional and amateur anglers alike have trusted Lew's to deliver on the promise of Lighter, Faster, Stronger products. The original developer of the teardrop reel and bamboo rod, Lew's has been innovating for decades. From the first Bream Buster and Speed Stick to their latest product, Lew’s continues to set the standard for dependable fishing gear. Lew’s offers an extensive line of rods, reels, combos, tools, and accessories in series like American Hero, Custom Pro, Team Lew’s, KVD, Hypermag, Laser, Crappie Thunder, etc. Lew's reels, rods, combos, and accessories are designed for peak performance and durability. Feel the Difference.

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Strike King Red Eyed Shad Lipless Crankbait

  1. Natural Shad
  2. Bluegill
  3. Delta Red
  4. Citrus Shad
  5. Chrome Black
  6. Pearl
  7. Sexy Shad
49 Color Options

The Strike King Red Eyed Shad has become the standard bearer lipless crankbait on the pro tour. Designed by our National Pro-Staff, the Red Eye Shad has incredible action and features some awesome paint jobs, premium hooks, 3D eyes and free floating rattles to give you the best action and sound of any lipless crankbait on the market. The action when it free falls is awesome!!


  • Trigger strikes when standard rattlebaits won't
  • 3D eyes for realistic look
  • Perfect shad-imitating body profile
  • Pro-designed paint jobs
  • Premium VMC Vanadium Cone Cut Hooks


What Customers Are Saying

Catches Everthing That Swims

You want to play with speeds, fall time ( about a foot per second), and most importantly the pause! I use this color when the water is a little more heavily stained. The bleeder series is a great choice, when the bait fish are plentiful in the area. My kudos to Midway for entering into a competitive market with an excellent price point.
- Lessmess, 1/13/2022

About Strike King

In 1964 Bill McEwen, a taxidermist in Memphis, TN, was making a single spin spinnerbait out of his garage. It became known as The New Original Strike King Bass Lure. In 1966 Charles Spence purchased Bill McEwen’s lure business and began referring to it as Strike King Lure Company. Shortly after, fellow anglers Charles Spence, Ray Murski, and Bill Dance become friends and set out together to grow the Strike King Lure Company. The trio of a lure maker, sales rep, and dominant tournament angler had a recipe for success. Today, more than 50 years later, the Strike King brand is one of the most recognized on the market. They are known for their KVD Perfect Plastics and Rage soft baits, Pro-Model XD Series and KVD 1.5 crankbaits, Tour Grade spinnerbaits, and a full host of other lures including soft baits, jigs, crankbaits, and buzzbaits. Strike King also offers a full lineup of terminal tackle from Tour Grade Tungsten Weights to Tour Grade Jigheads. Strike King- Tie One On!

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Mustad KVD Grip-Pin Hook

The Mustad KVD Grip-Pin Soft Plastic hooks feature a molded resin pin that securely anchors a wide range of baits to the hook for a "no slip, no slide" design without tearing the bait. The extra wide bend hook is ideal choice for a wide range of soft plastic lures such as shads, worms or swim baits. The 1X extra heavy wire makes a great platform for fishing near hard cover and vegetation. Use it to catch Bass, Perch, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Zander, Pike or Walleye. Coated with Mustad´s own Black Nickel finish, which are 4 times as corrosion resistant as traditional Black Nickel. Chemically sharpened high carbon steel. 


  • 3 UltraPoint technology
  • Opti-Angle needle point
  • 1X extra heavy wire
  • Extra wide bend
  • Ringed Eye
  • Nor-tempered
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Resin coated Grip Pin®
  • Black nickel finish


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Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Fishing Line delivers an amazingly strong, yet supple, fluorocarbon line unlike any other through a superior, state-of-the-art double-structure process. It fuses two custom, 100% fluorocarbon resins, creating the world’s only double-structure main line. Fill your spool with Tatsu and fish fierce.


  • Extraordinary knot strength and castability
  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Amazingly strong, yet supple


What Customers Are Saying

Great floro

Best I've found in fluorocarbon, but don't understand why it's so much more expensive than others
- Halo, 7/31/2021

About Seaguar

In 1971 Seaguar invented fluorocarbon fishing lines with proprietary fluoro resins made specifically for fishing lines. It’s these exclusive resins made by Seaguar and used only in Seaguar line, coupled with Seaguar’s exclusive control over the manufacturing process from start to finish, that ensures the highest degree of performance on the water. Whether it is performance fishing lines for elite pros, sophisticated anglers who are seeking the absolute highest quality, or those who are brand new to angling, Seaguar makes it easy to fish the very best with products like InvizX, Smackdown, Red Label, and Tatsu. Whether you are looking for all-around value, extreme abrasion resistance, small diameter, or exceptional knot strength, Seaguar makes a fishing line to fit your needs. Seaguar has a passion for fishing line and has been perfecting it since 1971.

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Lucas Oil Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax 24 oz

Lucas Oil Slick Mist is a polymer paint gloss intensifier, which can be used on other surfaces such as glass, chrome and vinyl decals. Use Slick Mist as a traditional wax, quick detail spray or spray it on your boat between rinsing and drying for the easiest polish job ever. That’s right! Just spray it on a wet or dry surface and wipe it off. Slick Mist out performs the competition and will leave your finish slicker and shinier than any product on the market, with long lasting protection. You and Slick Mist can give any machine an extreme gloss fast!


  • Great for any gel coat or painted surface
  • Use on wet or dry surfaces
  • Provides UV protection
  • Can be used in direct sunshine
  • Helps keep mud, bugs, and tar from sticking to your boat
  • Great at removing hard water deposits
  • Ideal in saltwater and freshwater applications


What Customers Are Saying

I will be using this product

I finally found a good wax to use each time I get off the water. Keeps the gel coat clean and is easy to use ... I just wish I could get my backorder from over 2 months ago haven't heard anything ?
- Oldman, 7/20/2021 Shop Now