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Midwest Whitetail's Favorite Products

Midwest Whitetail share their top 5 products, you can check out Midwest Whitetail here.

Bushnell Broadhead Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell created The Broadhead Laser Rangerfinder to solve the shortcomings of current rangefinders on the market. The result is the Broadhead’s Full Spectrum Ranging System that uses top-tier hardware and software to range targets with varying reflectivity and lighting environments consistently and accurately where other rangefinders fall short. That means a ranged black boar target, white reflective target, or any other target will get the same distance with the Broadhead at 8 AM as 8 PM. If a target is changed from paper to black foam, the Broadhead will give you the same distance when others won’t, and it’ll do it to plus or minus 0.3 yards out to 150 yards.


Bushnell’s exclusive ActivSync reticle automatically changes from black to illuminated red when the lighting conditions change so you don’t have to make a choice between the two reticles – You can have them both.




  • Angle range compensation
  • Ultrawide band coating
  • 2X Brighter Imaging
  • Ultra fast scan mode


About Bushnell

Built on a commitment to deliver an unparalleled view of the world. For seven decades, Bushnell has led the way. Developing advancements, redefining categories and instilling confidence in generations to find what they seek. Bushnell brought binoculars to the masses and invented the laser rangefinder category. All with a never-ending commitment to lead with unrivaled clarity, durability and technology.

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Muddy Outdoors The Safe-Line Treestand Climbing Rope Nylon Black

No more risky climbs; now you can stay safe from the moment you leave the ground to when you return. This unique safety system eliminates the need for clumsy climbing belts by allowing you to stay attached to the tree at all times! It is designed for added safety in the field, the 30’ Safe-Line has two prusik knots that slide up and down the braided nylon rope as you climb and descend, and stop you immediately should a fall occur. The Safe-Line is compatible for 2 hunters, and can be used with any treestand. Weight rated for 300lbs.


  • Safe from the moment you leave the ground to the time you return
  • Compatible for 2 hunters
  • Use with any treestand
  • Each Rope is 30 ft long

What Customers Are Saying

Definite buy

Very reliable and useful. Easy to use. Well made.
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Cuddeback Cuddelink Cellular Trail Camera 20 MP

The Cuddeback Cuddelink Cellular Trail Camera 20 MP exceeds the performance of other cellular trail cameras - LTE service, 1/4 second trigger speed, long battery & 20MP images. Cell service starts at $10 per month. This trail camera also utilizes the Cuddelink technology to allow up to 16 cameras to share one cell plan.


  • Megapixels: 20
  • Trigger Speed: 1/4 seconds
  • LEDS: 56 850nm
  • Flash Type: Low Glow IR
  • Flash Range: 100 feet
  • Battery Type: 4 x D

Note:  The camera requires an active Cuddeback Cell Data Plan.


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Woodhaven The Intimidator Deer Call

The Woodhaven The Intimidator Deer Call is designed to be easy to use and requires very little air to op­erate. With the “Intimidator” you can produce a wide range of grunts, varying from whisper soft to extremely loud. The “Intimidator” grunt call also comes with our Inflexor Tube which allows for easier and more dynamic sound control.  With the integrated snort wheeze you can create the range of buck vocalizations to call them close.
The overall tone quality of the “Intimidator” is unsurpassed!  Careful hands on construction, assembly, and tuning ensures each call to have an extremely realistic sound.  The “Intimidator”……Realism UnLeashed!


  • .31 oz
  • 25.25 x 14 x 5.88 in

About Woodhaven

At WoodHaven Custom Calls, we know hunting. All of our deer and turkey calls are designed to help you succeed every time you’re in the woods. We offer the easiest to use, most realistic calls on the market. American-made products, quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and sharing God's creation with family and's the Woodhaven Way!

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Morrell High Roller 21 Block Archery Target

The Morrell High Roller target is great for the back yard archer and the hunter who travels.  The target features weatherproof Flex-Back Foam that allow arrows to be stopped up to 450 fps. The self-healing foam stops all field points and broadheads.  Perfect for both crossbows and compound bows.

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