Blood Moon Trail Camera

BOG Blood Moon Trail Camera

The Blood Moon™ trail camera was designed from the ground up to put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to Capture the Unknown and help you become a more effective hunter for many hunting seasons to come. Providing best-in-class imagery and solving common game camera pain-points, the BOG® Blood Moon™ infrared trail camera is without a doubt one of the most innovative trail cameras on the market.

This dual-sensor trail camera has been tabbed by Petersen’ Bowhunting as having "Astronomical Imagery" and boasts the patent-pending BOG® Dominion™ removable menu system, which features a 3" full-color viewing screen with an easy to use, icon-based operating system.

The BOG® Blood Moon™ camera features a lightning-fast .2 second trigger speed, 5 different capture modes (including 1080 HD video with auto-adjust flash), up to 1-year battery life, 120’ flash range and a large variety of image tag information designed to help you track your game species to the precise moment, location, and climatic condition.

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BOG® Blood Moon Trail Camera Specs

  • 22 MP Dual Sensor for optimal day & night images
  • 1080 HD video with auto-adjust flash
  • .2 second trigger speed | .8 second recovery
  • 120 ft flash range | 100 ft detecting range
  • Dominion™ removable menu with 3" full-color viewing screen & animal tagging technology
  • Extremely easy to use, icon-based menu system, for quick review & camera setup
  • SD Card Compatible (up to 512GB)
  • 5 capture modes: Image, 1080P HD video, Hybrid Mode (Image/Video), Multi-image, and Time Lapse
  • Up to 11-month battery life on 6 AA lithium batteries & Up to 12 months on BOG® Omnipotence™ rechargeable lithium battery pack
  • Camera name, Date/Time, Temp, Barometric Pressure, and Moon Phase image stamps
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We all know at least one...

One who can’t stop talking about last year’s conquests, or failures; one who tracks cold fronts closer than most meteorologists; one who spends the equivalent of a full-time job in the field preparing for that moment. The ones who eat, sleep, and breathe this lifestyle.

They are the obsessed hunter... the BOG® hunter.
BOG Blood Moon Trail Camera
Engineered for the Unknown

The BOG® Blood Moon Infrared trail camera features lightning-fast sub .2 second trigger speeds, HD video, best in class flash range and 3" viewing screen, and dual sensor technology.

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Trail Camera Accessories

In addition to the BOG® camera lineup, BOG® offers a full assortment of trail camera accessories. Shop the entire line of trail camera accessories to ensure that you get your BOG® trail camera in the right position to get that perfect picture of your next trophy.

Dominion™ Removable Viewer + Menu

BOG Dominion Removable Viewer + Menu

The BOG® camera menu and image viewer works universally as a spare or secondary viewer for the 18 MP black flash and 22 MP dual sensor infrared cameras This item allows users to quickly change menu settings or swap SD cards and batteries while checking cameras, requiring minimal time at the camera site, but simply ejecting one viewer and replacing it with the viewer.

  • 3" Color TFT Screen
  • Operates on 6 AA batteries or optional BOG® rechargeable battery pack
  • Intuitive menu with easy to read icons
  • SD Card and micro USB compatible
  • Replacement unit for BOG® Blood Moon™ and Clandestine™ trail cameras
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Field General™ Trail Camera Mount

BOG Field General Trail Camera Mount

The Field General™ trail camera mount is the perfect mount for open field coverage. Simply step the tapered legs into the ground, secure the camera on the mini ball head and get shots of deer that would normally go undetected.

  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Tri-leg design for maximum stability
  • Ball head design for easy and secure camera placement
  • Total height: 25.5” Collapsed -53” Extended
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Farmhand™ Trail Camera Mount

BOG Farmhand Trail Camera Mount

The Farmhand™ trail camera mount is perfect for large food plots and areas without good camera hanging trees. The mini ball head allows hunters to customize their angle, to get just the right shot. Simply drive the post in, secure the mount to the post, adjust the ball head, and let the camera do the rest.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Adjustable knob tension for universal post securement
  • Ball head design for easy and secure camera placement
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Constrictor™ Trail Camera Tree Mount

BOG Constrictor Trail Camera Tree Mount

The Constrictor™ trail camera mount gives hunters the ability to mount their cameras without damaging trees. The mini ball head allows the camera to be positioned at nearly any angle to capture that perfect image.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Ratchet strap securement design
  • Strap length: 78”
  • Max tree diameter: 2’
  • Ball head design for easy and secure camera placement
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Tunnel Vision™ Trail Camera Tree Mount

BOG Tunnel Vision Trail Camera Tree Mount

The Tunnel Vision™ screw-in trail camera mount features an aggressive-bite tree auger, making it easy to mount any trail camera.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Aggressive-bite tree auger
  • Ball head design for easy and secure camera placement
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