Grip Clamp C: Shooting Behind Cover

9-Hole Reviews • April 18, 2023

Shooting from difficult and compromised positions off of awkward and weird objects... It's something you see all the time in competitions, but this is also something that happens in the field fairly frequently. Think about having to shoot off of a fence post, maybe having to pin your rifle against a tree, or maybe even shooting off of a portion of a vehicle. All of these things require some specific adjustments to your technique to be really effective... so we're going to talk about how to shoot off difficult and compromised barricades and positions using a reverse C-clamp grip.

We're specifically going to talk about how the support hand works and manages the rifle on that obstacle or object in order to improve both your recoil control and your stability while you're on target. In order to do this, there's a very specific technique that you do with your supporting hand. Instead of holding it standard under the hand guard of the rifle, flip your hand over so that your support hand thumb is oriented back towards you and is under the handguard rather than up towards the top of the barrel. This allows you to access a considerable portion of your palm and fingers to help fill the gaps in awkward positions, maximizing stability and improving your ability to control recoil.

The shape of the object you're shooting off of will dictate what you have to do specifically with your fingers and your palm, but you grip with what they call an inverted C-clamp around the rail. In certain instances, we like to have the Slate Stop from Slate Black Industries on our handguard, which makes it exceptionally easy to hook the thumb around it and place it on awkward barricades or objects to shoot from.

Depending on the object's appearance, you might have to adjust where your other fingers go. It's much easier to demonstrate the reverse C-clamp grip in action rather than talk about it, so watch the video above!

--9-Hole Reviews