How to use AR-15 Iron Sights

By 9-Hole Reviews • May 02, 2023

This is Henry from 9-Hole Reviews on MidwayUSA with a quick tip on using the nose-to-charging handle method of shooting with iron-sighted AR-15-type rifles. This is a technique that I learned in the military that I have brought over to a lot of my civilian-style shooting. It's a technique that has been proven very helpful for me.

As I shoot the M16 series of rifles in many of our videos in the 9-Hole Reviews publications, you'll see that my eye is very close to the rear sight, but also take a look at where my nose is, because the technique called nose-to-charging handle is quite literally putting the tip of your nose on the charging handle. What that does is put your eyes in the same location every single time as you hop back onto the M16 or M4 AR-15 type rifles. With iron sights in particular, it's very important to have a consistent reference point of where your eye is in correlation to the front and rear sights. For me, in a pinch, in a quick situation, I have found this to be a very useful technique for consistency in my shooting with this type of iron sight system.

For a demonstration of this technique, check out the video above!

--Henry Chan, 9-Hole Review