How to Dispense Powder

Bolt Action Reloading • July 02, 2023

Before you ever open a container of powder you need to have your load data figured out. A reliable source of load data from a published reloading manual, powder or bullet manufacturer should always be where you are going for safe load data that can be trusted.

To perform this step, you are going to need as a minimum:

  1. Reloading scale
  2. Powder pan
  3. Funnel to transfer the charge into the case.
Some good additions are:

Follow the startup procedure for your scale, validate it is working with your check weights and then set up your powder measure or the scoops and trickler if you are striving to get the exact charge weight every time. To start out, measure each charge to ensure you are comfortable that your process is giving you the amount of powder that is acceptable. Changing the way you operate a powder measure can alter the amount of powder dispensed more than you may expect.

Once your powder charge is validated, you can dump the charge in the case with the funnel. After all your cases are charged, make sure to visually inspect the powder levels before you start seating bullets. Make sure you have written down your load data with something you are keeping with your ammo. I recommend keeping a separate logbook with all the reloading details so that you can easily duplicate your load if you find something that works well.

For a comprehensive overview of how to dispense powder, be sure to watch the video above!

--Bolt Action Reloading

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