Bladed Jig in Spring

Brandon Lester • January 01, 2023

Early spring is one of my favorite times of the year to throw a bladed jig. The tight vibration it gives off and the sound of the bait in the water causes fish to react to it this time of year. One of the most critical parts of bladed jig fishing is your rod. Having the right rod is so important because if your rod is too stiff it won’t let the fish inhale the bait all way before you set the hook. You want a rod with a moderate bend, much like you want when you are crankbait fishing. My Mustad Instinct signature series 7’3” Heavy Moderate crankbait rod is perfect. When we designed this rod, I had bladed jigs and mid depth crankbaits in mind, and it turned out perfectly. It is the right length to make long casts and still have the power to drive the hook home but has plenty of bend for sure hookups and fish fighting ability. Pair it with a 7:1 baitcasting reel and 17-pound Vicious Pro Elite fluorocarbon line and you will have a winning combination. Good luck on the water!

--Professional Angler, Brandon Lester