Fish Finders: For Better or For Worse

Brandon Lester • July 05, 2023

It’s no secret that we live in an electronic driven world. Like it or not, fishing is no different. I use Lowrance electronics on my boat and I have used them for the vast majority of my career. They are my eyes underwater, and there is no way I could compete at the top level of bass fishing without them. With that being said, when I was growing up and just getting started bass fishing, we didn’t have a depth finder of any kind most of the time. We certainly didn’t have any kind of side imaging or forward-facing technology like we have today and, looking back, I’m thankful for that. It made me learn to trust my instincts and fish what is in front of me. It forced me to learn the seasonal movements of bass and how they move around on certain days under different conditions. Once you have that knowledge, and then pair it with today’s electronics, you become a much better angler in my opinion. Electronics are great but if you can’t translate what they are telling you they are worthless. Take the time to study bass and how they relate to the habitat where you fish. Good luck on the water!

--Professional Angler, Brandon Lester