Fishing in Florida

Brandon Lester • January 16, 2023

We will be kicking off the Bassmaster Elite Series season real soon, and much like last year we will start in Florida. If you’ve never had the opportunity to fish in Florida during the February/March timeframe, you owe it to yourself to make the trip. It really is a magical time of year down there and let’s face it; it’s a nice break from the cold winter that a lot of us face in more northern states. The fish are typically in some phase of the spawn in Florida at this time of year and if you can plan your trip on a full or new moon you’re almost guaranteed to see some spawning action. Florida is truly a sportsman’s paradise, and it has become one of the states that I look the most forward to going to every year! Be sure to stock up on your favorite baits at before you go, and as always good luck on the water!

--Professional Angler, Brandon Lester