How to Bass Fish with a Magnum Shaky Head

Brandon Lester • May 08, 2023

Let's talk about a Magnum Shaky Head. So whether you live in Tennessee as I do, whether you live in the Ozarks, whether you live in California or Michigan, it doesn't matter. Everybody knows a shaky head will get you a lot of bites. Traditionally, shaky heads are 1/8 ounce or 3/16 ounce. You throw them on a spinning rod, light line. What I do is the exact opposite, to beef up that traditional shaky head. I use a 5/8 ounce. I throw a 3/4 ounce a good bit. There are a lot of good Magnum Shaky Heads on the market, several different companies. You can scroll through and you'll find several different ones. As far as baits on a Magnum Shaky Head, the Zoom Mag Trick Worm is my favorite, but any big straight-tail type worm will work really well and you could even put a curly tail worm on there if you wanted to. Play around with it, find the worm that you like. As far as the setup, I throw it on my seven-foot-six heavy Mustad Instinct Brandon Lester Signature Series Rod. I throw it on an 8:1 reel, I throw it on a 17 to 20-pound fluorocarbon line. Where to throw it, man the possibilities are endless. You can throw it on bluff walls, you can throw it around docks, and it comes through brush really well. Anywhere where you would throw a traditional shaky head but just want to beef it up a little bit, try a Magnum Shaky Head Worm. It gets a lot of big bites; I've caught a lot of fish on this on the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) chain around my house, but I know it'll work wherever you are as well. Give it a shot, it catches a lot of big fish, and it's one of my favorite techniques. You can find them at Good luck on the water guys.

--Pro Angler Brandon Lester