The Professional Angler Lifestyle

Brandon Lester • July 08, 2023

The lifestyle of a professional fisherman may look glamorous from the outside looking in, but family support is what makes the whole thing successful. 2022 was my 9th year fishing professionally and it is all still a dream come true--but it all comes at a cost. Besides being a pro angler, I am also a husband, and a father. My wife Kimberly and our two girls, Leann and Shiloh get to travel with me sometimes but not to every tournament. We sort of have a family rule that if I am going to be gone for more than two weeks then they will make arrangements to come spend a few days with me on the road. The girls love traveling and have seen some really neat sights across the country in our travels. My wife Kimberly deserves all the credit for making sure our little world keeps spinning. She takes care of a lot of things for me on the business side of fishing, while also taking care of our home and our kids while I’m away and working as a personal fitness trainer as well. We live our lives based on faith, good values, and treating others like you’d want to be treated, and we try our best to teach our girls the same. Without the support of my family, I couldn’t do what I do, and I know that. As with anything you do in life, if you keep your priorities right and work hard the rest will fall into place.

--Professional Angler, Brandon Lester