Choosing and Baiting Your Flippin' Hooks

Brandon Palaniuk | BMP Fishing • September 13, 2023

One of the deadliest techniques is flipping. Anytime fish get around shallow, heavy cover, throwing a soft plastic on a Texas rig and the flipping / pitching technique kind of go hand in hand. One thing that's really important to make sure you land the most fish that bite is selecting the right hook for the right application. I have with me two different hooks: the Gamakatsu G-Finesse flipping hook and the VMC Heavy Duty flipping hook. Each is a different gauge wire and a different size. I will use various sizes in both of these hooks. For me, it depends on the cover and the size of line that I'm using. Then the size of the hook is going to depend on the size of the bait.

When would I select the G Finesse over like the Heavy Huty flipping hook or a Redline? That's really if I'm fishing braid or fluorocarbon. If I'm throwing fluorocarbon, I like the G Finesse, a little bit lighter wire, the nano coat is going to slide in there smoothly. If I'm punching heavy, heavy, nasty cover throwing straight braid, a lot of times I want the VMC Heavy Duty flipping hook.

I'll explain the best way to bait each of these hooks, but it's a visual presentation, so be sure to watch the video above to get all of the information!

There are other styles of hooks, but generally, these two get it done 90% of the time in most situations. These are available on and hopefully this narrows things down when you're trying to decide which hook for flipping.

--Pro Angler Brandon Palaniuk