Larry Potterfield Nitro 3.0 Tour Part 1 – Shipping

Larry Potterfield • September 14, 2023

I am Larry Potterfield with MidwayUSA and I'm standing in the new MidwayUSA distribution center. It's 400,000 square feet. You see just a little bit of what we call Nitro Express 3.0, and that's what gives us the super-fast shipping that you've come to count on here at MidwayUSA.

This is really the last stop for your package. This is UPS westbound here, and right behind me is UPS eastbound. When the package gets here, it's headed for your front door. Way back in the back on another piece of the tour, you will see where we make boxes. Most of these boxes that you see were made 30 minutes ago. From the time your order starts through here until the time it gets on the truck, it's only 30 minutes. We don't stack orders up and release them three days a week or something like that. Once your order comes in the door, it's headed for this distribution center to get out the door. So, super-fast shipping; that's what we've stood for since 1977.

This is Nitro Express 3.0, so we've been working Nitro Express since 2009. Here we are in the third iteration of it, and this is even faster than anything we've ever done before.

--Larry Potterfield