Larry Potterfield Nitro 3.0 Tour Part 2 – Box Making

Larry Potterfield • September 15, 2023

I'm standing in the southeast corner of Midway's new distribution center. This is where your order starts, right here where we start making boxes. Every box is different. They're made for your order. For every box, we cube up your order and we figure out what size box it needs so we don't waste any cardboard getting your box to you. This unit is rated at 400 boxes per hour, and there are four of them here in the plant. They don't all run all the time, but this is the very first place that your order starts. A couple of minutes after you push the button that says "place my order," your box is being made. Once it's made, it just zips through this plant and winds up over in the UPS trailer. Make a box for the order, put some stickers on it, and away it goes. So hope you enjoy the tour and there's a lot more pieces.

--Larry Potterfield