Larry Potterfield Nitro 3.0 Tour Part 3 – Picking Overview

Larry Potterfield • September 16, 2023

The new MidwayUSA distribution center is 400,000 square feet. I'm standing in one of the picking areas, and it's the primary picking area for all the small products. There are a hundred thousand different products here. This is part of the Nitro Express 3.0 shipping system that gives us the super-fast shipping that everybody always counts on from Midway. To my left are 10 different aisles. Each aisle has 6,000 totes in it. Each tote can be divided into as many as 24 cells. That's what lets us put a hundred thousand products here. We also have robots that go back to pick the tote that has whichever product in it we need and bring it up to the front so that the operator can pick the product, put it in your box, or put it in your tote and around the way it goes.

So just one little piece of the Nitro Express, 3.0. Now, lots of other places on the tour, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

--Larry Potterfield