Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting

Lever Action Kid • March 01, 2023

Hey guys! I'm the lever action kid here today with a video on what cowboy action shooting is and how to get started.

First thing you need to do is just find a match, show up, introduce yourself, let them know that it's your first time, and they'll show you how it works.

Next, let's talk costuming. All you really need is a pair of blue jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and some cowboy boots or work boots. Some people will be wearing authentic 1800s Cowboy clothing, B Western Movie clothing, or Modern-Day Cowboy clothing.

Before we talk gear, make sure to always remember the four rules of gun safety and for the gear you will need, it is: 2 single action revolvers, 1 lever-action rifle, and either a double barrel or pump action shotgun. For your shotgun, you'll need at least 20-gauge. For rifle and pistols, at least 30 caliber (pistol ammunition only). Shop cowboy action ammunition - MidwayUSA.

Alright, let's talk about how a stage runs. At the beginning, the Posse Marshall will call everyone up and read off the stage. That should give you all the information you need on how to shoot it and then from there you're going to go to the loading table.

First thing you want to do at the loading table is make sure that your long guns are pointed straight up when you are transporting them to the table. Once at the loading table, set everything down. With your shotgun, you don't put any ammunition in it. For your rifle, you'll normally load 10 rounds, and for the pistols it's five rounds each.

At the beginning of the stage, you're normally given the stage instructions. That includes where your guns are and the patterns that you shoot everything in. An example would be rifle, pistol, shotgun. The rifle targets are going to be represented by white targets, pistol by red targets, and the shotgun by four reactionary targets. The rifle and pistol pattern will be a three-two-three-two; as in three on the first target, two on the second, three on the third, and two on the last. Once you shoot those patterns, first with your rifle then with your pistol, you re-holster and move to your shotgun and engage until all four reactionary targets are down.

After you've finished your stage, it's time to unload all of your guns, taking your long guns, pointing up, to show both are clear. Then take your pistols, unload all of the empty cartridges and show they are clear. Afterwards, return to your cart.

Now that you know how a match goes, go find yourself a local match and check it out! Thank you for watching the video and supporting me and MidwayUSA.

--Lever Action Kid