Frogg Toggs Rain Suit Review

Mark Rose • January 24, 2023

I get asked all the time since I switched over to Frogg Toggs "what do you think about the rain suits?" and "Which rain suit should I get?". So, here are the couple of the rain suits that I wear. I have a Pilot Pro which I absolutely love through the winter and even into the early spring and then as the temperatures get a little bit warmer, I switch over to the Frogg Toggs FTX. Now the FTX is just a little lighter weight rain suit which is better for the summertime. It's a little more form-fitting than the Pilot Pro which is just a bit more loose. The Pilot Pro also has a few more storage pockets than the FTX. The FTX has an elastic drawstring strap and kill switch D-loop if you want to hook it to your kill switch. The bibs, same way. The FTX has less pockets and is a little bit more of a form fit and then the the bibs on the Pilot Pro have more pockets and fit a little looser. The Pilot Pro just a little bit more storage and a little bit heavier weight material. I've never been any more dry and more pleased with the rain suits since I switched over to Frogg Toggs.