How to Get the Best Finesse Rig Profile

Mark Rose • August 03, 2023

Here’s a little finesse tip that will really help you to get a better presentation and a better profile with your finesse rigs.

You may be wondering what's the best head to throw for a little Strike King Fat Coffee Tube. Or you may be wondering how to rig a little four-inch Ocho, or a Ned rig, or something similar.

Let's say you have a small swim bait, like a 2.75 Strike King Rage Swimmer, and you may want to throw a natural color - something with some green pumpkin in it – but you can’t seem to find the perfect head to use.  Most of the little heads are silver or shad-shaped, or something like that.

The Strike King Tour Grade Ned Rig Jighead is the perfect little head for a lot of your finesse techniques. For a lot of swim baits that might have that natural hue to them, such as green pumpkin, you may want to throw a little Ned rig. It comes in green pumpkin in 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 ounces.

I like to break down a little Strike King Rage Scounbug and cut (or bite) off the first two sections of its body, leaving it with a little-bitty crawfish profile. Now, what head would you throw with that? The Strike King Ned rig works perfectly. It has a great little wire keeper on it. That hook will come up right between the eyes, and you've got a nice little crawfish profile.

You can do the same with a Strike King Ocho, or Finesse worm. Cut it down by a couple of inches to where it’s the perfect bite-size for spotted bass or smallmouth bass.

Another bait I love to do this with is the Strike King Coffee Fat Tube 2.75” soft bait. You just thread it up on that Ned Rig Jighead and, once again, you have a great profile with the hook coming out the side perfectly.

I can’t tell you how many applications I can use the Strike King Ned Rig for. It’s very versatile and works for just about any type of finesse technique. Keep them in all different sizes!

Watch the video above for a visual demonstration!

--Pro Angler Mark Rose