How to Store Your Treble Hooks

Mark Rose • July 01, 2023

If you like throwing baits with treble hooks on them as much as I do, I'm going to share with you a tip that's going to help you be a little bit more efficient with your crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwaters, whatever, any bait you're throwing with a treble hook. It's very important to have a good selection of good sharp hooks. If you're around rock, around wood, and just a lot of times, those really small trebles will get bent over just from catching fish. A lot of times it's very important to have a good selection of treble hooks in different sizes, split rings, extra snaps, treble hooks that's got feathers, and this is the way I keep them.

I use just a little box that's got built-in dividers, I don't like the slide-in dividers because split rings, snaps, hook points, hook eyes will get caught underneath those little slide-in tabs and it just creates a big mess. I just write treble hooks on the top of the box and I'll write on there on the back the actual sizes of the treble. The Mustad KVD Elite Treble is probably my hook of choice, reason being it doesn't flex very much. So I can go up a size and I'll put that on a 1.5 crankbait or even a Series 5 and things like that. I can go up a size, whereas a Series 5 would normally come with a three or a four on it. I can go up a size and get a bigger bite allowing better opportunities to hook and land more fish.

Every now and then I'll have a niche type hook where I really need a really light wire hook if a bait is so finicky and you've got to really use something that is lighter than the most common hooks. I keep a few specialty type hooks in the box and stuff like that but most of my fishing is done with the Mustad KVD Elite trebles and the Mustad round bend trebles. I've got them in sizes 6 all the way up to a 3/0 and again I have a slot in the box that's got the Mustad feathered trebles in here that I put on KVD splashes and things like that. I'll even throw a hook like this on a jerkbait from time to time if I feel like they're really keying in on that you know perch and I want to really draw their attention to something they're short striking it. Also, I've always got some split rings and snaps, extra oval type rings for the front of crankbait.

I always keep one compartment empty. I use this spot for my used treble hooks so that I have a place to discard them when I'm putting on a new hook. So this is just a way that I like to stay efficient with my treble hooks if you guys get you a box set up like this it'll really make sure that you've got good sharp hooks on your top waters and all of your crankbaits, helping you be a more efficient angler.

--Mark Rose