Jig Head Box

Mark Rose • January 24, 2023

A box that will help you be a little bit more efficient in your fishing is rigging up a jig head box. There's many different styles and sizes and colors of jig heads out there, but how do you organize it? This is what I do, I have an all-around box with the sizes that I know I throw the most often. I've got some shaky heads, ledge heads, I've got some tube heads right here handy. I've got a section for Strike King ned rigs. I have some other specialty type ned rig some heavier sizes with weed guards and such. I've got squadron heads, ball heads of every different size with and without weed guards for little swim baits and things like that. And I add some specialty type heads from time to time to this box maybe heads with spinners or things like that. But this is just a box that I keep a variety of jig heads in my boat compartment to where if I need something quick, if I need any type of jig head, I know that I've got a really good selection of different colors and different sizes right here. I prefer to use boxes with fixed dividers instead of the adjustable ones so the hooks can't get stuck underneath the dividers. It's just a really good way to keep your jig heads organized and then if you want to go up north and you're throwing a lot of tube heads you can keep an extra pack of those somewhere, but this helps you be really efficient really quick.

--Mark Rose