The Best Fishing Rod for Bass

Mark Rose • March 23, 2023

The rod that I use is the Team Lew's Signature Series. The Signature Series is a very universal lineup of rods. This particular rod I've got in my hand right now is an Andy Montgomery. It is 7'1", heavy action and it's called a skipping rod. It's the one rod that I can do more with than any other. I can't say enough about how comfortable these rods are. They use quality components, they're very lightweight and very durable. We give these rods a beating in our rod compartments and in 25-mile-an-hour winds, running across the Great Lakes, and so forth, but they take the abuse really well. I've got mine paired up with a Lews Custom Pro baitcasting reel. This is my setup for the year. I absolutely love it.

For more details, check out the video above!

--Mark Rose