Avian X HDR Jake Turkey Decoy Review

Midwest Whitetail • March 16, 2023

This is our favorite decoy that we've ever used. This is the HDR Jake from Avian-X. We've gotten about two seasons with this decoy under the belt and we've been thoroughly impressed. It has really great color and detail in the body, and the size is just right. It's not too big to where it's too intimidating, but it's just big enough to get those toms' attention. It comes with two different heads and they're interchangeable so you can take that decoy from a submissive posture to an aggressive posture. The last and perhaps our most favorite feature about this decoy is how the stakeholder is incorporated right into the rear of the decoy so you don't make the mistake that we've made so many times and walk off without it!

--Midwest Whitetail