Bushnell Prime Binocular Review

Midwest Whitetail • March 09, 2023

We love this time of the year when it's time to start shed hunting. One of the best tools we have around is our Bushnell Prime Binocular. We love them for various reasons. They come in multiple magnifications from 8, 10, and 12 and with objective lenses from 25, 32, 42, or 50-millimeter. One of our favorite things about them is the coated lenses. The Bushnell Prime creates a great image throughout any lighting condition of the season, whether you have a cloudy day, a rainy day, or those real bright sunny days.

Best of all, Bushnell has a lifetime warranty on their binoculars. No matter what happens to these binoculars, Bushnell will cover you and get you a new set. When you're outdoors sometimes things just happen and it's great to have that back-end reliability from Bushnell, knowing that your product is always insured if something happens. We're going shed hunting now, and hopefully, put the Bushnell Prime to work! You can find these right here on midwayusa.com.

--Midwest Whitetail