How to Preserve Your Turkey Decoys

Midwest Whitetail • March 24, 2023

When turkey season comes to an end and you're ready to store all of your turkey decoys, here are some simple suggestions for keeping them in good shape for next season.

Using the Avian-X decoys as an example, take the sticks out, separate those decoys and spray them down with a water hose to get any dust or dirt off of them. Make sure they're good and clean before putting them back in the bags to hang them up.

Afterwards, let them sit out in the sun for 10-15 minutes; whatever it takes to dry them back out. Make sure that they're good and dry, and then put them back in the bags.

Wherever you store them, if you can, keep them hung up off the ground. This helps prevent rodents and other pests from getting into the bags and chewing up your decoys.

Taking good care of decoys goes a long way toward preventing another potential hiccup on opening day! If you need some decoys, you can find what you need at

--Midwest Whitetail