Late Season Decoy Tip

By Midwest Whitetail • January 18, 2023

Late season bow hunting can be a battle and one thing that most people struggle with is just getting deer in bow range. But one thing that's overlooked is there's still quite a few does that haven't been bred. They're normally cycling back into estrus this time of year and a lot of bucks will show a lot of aggression. It was just the other day we had a lot of really good hunts where a lot of bucks were posturing up to others. There were a few fights here and there, bucks hitting scrapes, and it felt like a November hunt. But one thing that I've utilized in the past to pinch these deer down is using a decoy within bow range in the stand. It'll help bring these deer within bow range and it'll just make for a really fun hunt. So, I hope this tip helps and good luck out there.

--Midwest Whitetail